Safe Song | Reviewer: Abigail | 10/23/07

Hey I love this song and I may suggest it for the karaoke in my school. But we need to make sure it doesn't have any slightly bad words.

awsome!!! | Reviewer: jessie | 10/19/07

I LOVE this song its SO cool! I never heard this untill my mom found it on utube cuz one of her friends online sent it to her.I think its so cool!I wish I had the CD of it.Rock on!ooooxxxx

jwreed | Reviewer: James Reed | 10/11/07

The visual metaphor in this song is striking in it's intensity, the image of a poet sitting at a window and letting themselves extend out to the essential search,for a meaning in who and what they are. The shear exuberance, power, and fundamental nature of the emotions of that search come through in the imagery of the joy of being alive and realy feeling the world.
From the simple images of sitting at a window and having the process of that creative search move into the realization of what we are and what creates the fundamental search from which each of us creates meaning and value in who we are. This song in a simple 4 minutes opens doors for anyone who needs to put words to the fundamental desires that they have in their own search. And gives joy no matter the despair in the simple dance of life in feeling the rain fall upon ones life cleansing it and recreating it for now and tommorrow.
Anyone who has known great pain and sorrow in life knows and feels the simplicity of the moment when they realize that they are alive and no matter what the problems, I am me I give value. This is the power of this music, it uplifts ones life to touch the hand of what is in and of themselves divine, even if only for the single moment of the music.
These moments are rare, and the people who can give these moments to so many others are even more rare. Thank you Natasha.

cool! | Reviewer: jessica | 10/4/07

I love the song its awsome!I think I could sing it perfect bcuz i listen to that song every day! feel the rain on ur skin! realy noone els can feel it for u!

love it!!! | Reviewer: carlos navarro | 9/23/07

I totally Luv this song!!! All my freinds (jd, daniel, alex) were talking about it. I loved it when i first heard sombody hum it,then i heard it on the radio, lyrics and all &loved it even more!

it's me...lal♥ | Reviewer: lal | 9/23/07

hi ma real name is actually lal yes but anyway! - awsome job nat!! u are so amazing tasha! get it nat tasha natasha look again nat+tasha=natasha!! hehe well anyway amazingly omg sogn i <3 it and her! im a boy by the way!! -x-

:o, gr8 music | Reviewer: lucy whitcopf | 9/20/07

I totally Luv this song!!! All my freinds were talking about it. I loved it when i first heard sombody hum it,then i heard it on the radio, lyrics and all &loved it even more!

about the song unwritten by natasha bedingfield | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/07

i love it bcoz it is my contempory dance for my dace concert and im dancing to it in two weeks fro canberra eisteddfod omg how kool i love it and the beat really goes with the words great job

Unwritten review | Reviewer: hmmm.... | 9/12/07

This song is absolutly awesome. the rythm really matches the words. My friend asked me if i had heard this and im like no so she had me listen to it, and i absolutly fell in love with it.

unwritten | Reviewer: Farah | 9/12/07

this song is's just so gr8 and the lyrics of the song are so inspiring and i just LUV listening to it coz it fills me with self-confidense.the bottom line is this song's gr8.

awwwwsuume | Reviewer: iz-a | 9/9/07

I looove these lyrics!!!! they sound soooo free can't explan ther awsooome! when i hear them they kinda make me forget my hard times. ya know?

LUV IT | Reviewer: hockgal | 9/8/07

i fell in luv with this song the first time i heard it! it is soo amazing and sticks in my head a lot! KEEP ROCKIN!!

nissou | Reviewer: nisrine | 9/3/07

hey i love this song i like also the lyrics it's crazy cuz first when i heard it it was in the hills and i said shit this song is so amazing i thought that is pink the singer cuz i think they have the same voice but a friend said to me is natasha songs so i wana say that's is really amazziiinnnnn kxo kxo

luv it | Reviewer: carla | 9/3/07

Hi!I'm from Spain and I really love this song!it's right!this song is fantastic!

Dun check dat one | Reviewer: RaXa | 9/2/07

The Song is absolutely the perfect one.I heard it in an advertise really gr8.