Love It | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/21/07

For all the people who keep saying they thought it was innabitions but are so "depressed" because it's not, Hello! it is inibitions just only in the first verse so get it over it!

lyricssss | Reviewer: Samantha | 8/20/07

these lyrics sucked. not even close to the right words.

unwritten | Reviewer: courntey | 8/19/07

i luv it! i first heard it at my little sister's friend's house. i was all like, "who sings that??? i want it!!!" but i always thought it was inabittions (however u spell that).

Unwritten | Reviewer: veronica | 8/17/07

I love this song, I think it's amazing!
Well, still listening to this kind of music; I appreciate this....(it is unwritten)

Perfect Journal starter! | Reviewer: Amy | 8/19/07

I really enjoy this song. I transcribed it for the first page of my new journal and it continues to inspire me to record and reflect on life as it happens.

~about the song unwritten and other stuf that has to do with it~ | Reviewer: corina | 8/17/07

i love this song!! i just corrected it becase they made tons of really bad errors. i sang this song in my school talent show so whenever it comes on, every one says, "corina, its your song"

luv it | Reviewer: mia | 8/16/07

i was reading the lyrics and was like oh that sux i always thought the words were inhibitions.but it said inner visions,
that guy corrected them now i dont feel like an idiot.a friend of my moms says that this my song,now whenever i hear it i think about him and all of the good memorys with that person,that person has definatley made an impaxt on my life and inspires me to this day.this song as well is a great inspiration.every song has a message in it but this one is a great message to tell.

Im Gaby Fo Faby!!! | Reviewer: Gaby Sepulveda | 8/16/07

well i HATE this song jpjp i LOVE it alot but idk why its such a good song i know that it is the theme song to the hills annd all but i hate the hills lol and yea well good job to who ever wrote this song mk
well yea thsts all i got to say well yea laters mmmbye

~gaby fo faby~~

cassandra | Reviewer: cassandra | 8/14/07

WOW!!! i love this song the first time i heard it i couldnt get it out of my head.i almost rememeris it.

N.B | Reviewer: Audge | 8/13/07

Yes, N.B. has a great voice the lyrics are great, I am loving the english singers can't get enough.

Sing it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/13/07

I am going to sing this song in a talent show, my friends tell me im a amzing i hope they do that kid idol thing again so i can audition!

I realy like it. | Reviewer: Naa | 8/12/07

When I heard for the first time this song on the advertising for Pantene - It wasn't something special.. When I listened to the lyrics.. I began to search it on the internet.. and here I am.. It is my favourite song. :)

"I am Unwritten!" | Reviewer: Musical Alina | 8/8/07

I heard this song and i was like,"WOW!,this is sooo me!Who sings it?"The words are so powerful describes how life can't be perfect, 'cuz like we all need to make mistakes in life because it is"Unwritten" because someone would blow up planning their whole life everyday.

this might make me sound gay,but! | Reviewer: derek | 8/7/07

When i hear this song it reminds to appreciate the little things in life.and to not sit around waiting for things to happen but too strive for greater things.It also has inspired me to walk in the rain.. :)

Unwritten | Reviewer: brittany | 8/6/07

This is my favorite song in the world! I have known this song since she first put out the CD. But the lyrics are 'inhibitions' not 'inner visions'.