Unwritten (great song) | Reviewer: Sheena | 1/28/14

Yes, unwritten shows a lot about who you are as a song writer. Believe it or not
I just heard the song the other day at a store, and wanted to know who is the
artist. Just a great song, continue to write and create more music. And whatever
You do don't get drugged out so you can't sing and create music.because that's
Just stupid.and don't forget you are valued, now to the world! Oh, one more thing
Stay close to your family, and keep a pulse on that man you married.

what ur name says about the songs | Reviewer: Twaha | 8/11/13

i so much appreciate your songs and i really love them and secondly you have impressive name "NATASHA" which means its 'ENOUGH' therefore am in love with the name
love you big

Awesome Singer | Reviewer: Cool chic#1 | 5/27/10

NATASHA BEDINGFIELD is such a great singer. She has a beautiful voice and I listen to her songs all day, but my fav is "I Wanna Have Your Babies", "Love Like This", and "These Words". NATASHA keeep doing what u do best. NATASHA BEDINGFIELD ROCKS!

natasha luva | Reviewer: natasha | 2/17/10

soo i am like totally obsessed w/ you. and if any of you girls have a problem w/ that you can suck it. i love all of her music and i've met her before. we're friends. and ya i changed me name after her? so what i don't think it's creepy and if you do this is how much i care

loveeeeee.(: | Reviewer: your mammmma | 1/27/10

well i'm "your mamma" and i wanted to tell youu that you have really goodd songs and your pretty! well keep singing songs that i will like cuz if i don't like them then i will make fun of youu! REALLY

andddddd; | Reviewer: your mom again! | 1/27/10

well you should come to my little town of leetonia ohio cuz i'm here and all of my friends and everyone elses friends suckk! so come to my school ya you should cuz you should! lol & you guys are GHETOOO!! for saying you love her you don't even know her you lesbians! yeah i went there(: haha eat it! this is from me and my friend pacoo,peace vagina lickersss! aka DANA BENNET she likes big fat vaginass!call her at 330-429-9062 she wants your bodiieeee big time! only girlsss!!!

An anomoly | Reviewer: Heather | 8/8/09

Natasha, not sure if you read these things, but you are an anomoly. So different then any other artist. Your music and what you chose to do with your life, inspires people from the inside out. I will always look up to you for standing strong in this world. You have my respect and my prayers, and I'm sure many other people's aswell! keep the faith, Heather Leeper
God bless

SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: kevin batts | 4/21/09

I just heard u Natasha over the speakers while having lunch at Red Lobster in New Jersey. You are GOD sent! A voice that I have longed for. Then when I googled you, I said I heard some of your work. Keep doing your thing baby! GOD keep you focused and blessed with continued talent and record sales or cds...Lol. You go girl!!!!!! Love ya!

Hi Natasha!! | Reviewer: Veronika Csuthi Hansen | 12/10/08

Hi Natasha!!
I realy do think that you are one of the best artists in the world.Your music touches me deep down and you're realy pretty too..one day I would like to be a recording artist like you,singing around the world,and I realy hope that one day we could meet and I would realy wanna sing with you once..^^

lots of love and kisses and hugs from your very very very big fan Veronika(L) :D

i LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE your music | Reviewer: vernyi | 7/12/08

i gotta say that i love all your songs i have everyone of the albums yeah... there is not one i like more than the rest. your words are inspiring and shows that you're real.these are things that happen.i love the words of "happy" n all the rest duh. much love keep on writing so i can keep on buying ur albumz.
much love vernyi

LUV YA A TON NATASHA | Reviewer: Karolina | 3/2/08

i luv you so muc natasha it aint even funni REAL TAK you are mii 2 idle x1234 i luv ur songsz and everythin about you omg like reallyii if i ever meet you i am probsz gonna fall on the groub and start crying cuz wen i saw tynisha keli wen i was talkin to her i started to cry cuz i was jus so happii :) and if i meet you holy i am probsz gonna start cryin even more !!!!!!!!!:):)

karolina gabbest luv ya a ton

B-E-A-U-tiful music that belongs to a B-E-A-U-tiful singer! | Reviewer: Mandy | 9/23/07

I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE! your music and I'm a real HUGE fan! Love ya for life!

GORGEOUSDIAMONZ | Reviewer: hanna | 9/15/07


mchattiya@yahoo.com. this Song Unwritten is verygood | Reviewer: Lo | 7/19/07

Natasha Bedingfield I'm Lo I live in Laos I like song Unwritten, these Words, and I wana have Your Baybies everyday i will listen song at my house or office now i work at Laos National Radio I'm a Reporter but now I don't have a CD song new Album'Natasha bedingfield and i have been wait for the CD new Album because in Laos Country has not it
From LO ! My email mchattiya@yahoo.com

hey,hey,hey,nat. | Reviewer: victoria | 6/26/07

hi gal i love your music especially unwritten! at our school choir concert me and my freinds sarah, brittany and emily, we sang your song and everyone loved it so did i i hope you visit moose jaw saskatchewan. plz. come i would love to meet you! i love you and give me a shout if you come to town bye, love ya so do my friends call me!!!!!! JK.