tori says: | Reviewer: tori | 6/21/07

hey gal i love u so much! me and a few of my close friends sarah,maddie,emily and brittany did your song unwritten at our school choir concert it was fab! so r you nat. i hope you come to moose jaw one day i wanna meet you please come if u do ill faint or bow down at your feet it would be a miracle! please come plz!!!! and visit me for a few days i would go crazy anyway plz plz plz come bye you!

inspired | Reviewer: | 6/3/07

i love the song unwritten!!!!!it told me that i should go out and do what i want and should but my whole heart into it!!!!and..... live your life to the max!!!

Coooool Natasha. | Reviewer: Smangaliso Ernst | 5/24/07

I like Natashas, song "I wanna have your babie(s) I think its a hit of the year.When I 1st heared the song on Jacarandafm 94.2 RSA, I just fell in love with the song and was amazed that it Natashas' late hit, and I think I need to have her album in my music collection.

Smangaliso Ernst,GP-Joburg
Benoni - RSA

natasha rox | Reviewer: Natt Wollff rocks!Naked brothers band,2!!maia | 5/10/07

Natasha is awesome and so is her new album,''unwritten''.No one else can let it in,Natasha!
haaaaaa!thanks for reading!bye.

i luff natasha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/07

hey i think natasha is a brilliant singer nd i love her to bits!! every single song she has written and performed are absolutely stunnin!! she is a born singer and is sooo pretty!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

A guy of Spain... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/07

she is perfecT! in all aspects! I loved her music !and I love her... I should like that she act in my city : vALencia ( spain ) natasha >> u'r the best ;)

Natasha | Reviewer: Ashley | 4/2/07

I love your song i wanna have your baibies but dunt work said it to mi boyfriend lets just say he wasnt very happy and also very shocked. Luv u loads natasha luv ash xxxxxxxx

natasha is class im her no1 fan!! | Reviewer: sanya | 2/13/07

i am in love wid the song 'wer all mad' i fink it is class i wish natasha culd hear me sing it 1day im gna hopfully sing it in apple in the bullring in birmingham wish u culd b der natasha!!!!!!!!!
lv u loads natasha sanya xxxxxxx

lol | Reviewer: jess | 2/11/07

lol guess what im goin to sing unritten for my singing contest at skool i love ur lyrics. we should write our own lifes an let no 1 write it for us .....u rox love u bi!

Weak | Reviewer: Nigel | 6/6/06

I've only heard 'unwritten' and the best word to describe it that comes to mind is drivel. Pure absolute drivel. Has anyone ever listened to these lyrics? it's beyond cheesy and doesn't even really make sense. It sounds like some bimbo trying to be "deep" and coming out with a load of nonsense. I don't think I could even excuse it if a fifteen year old had written it. Just god awful. People will buy anything if they hear it enough. And that gospel coir. Talk about trying to polish garbage and make it shine. All flash and no substance. Totally uninspired and weak. The lyrics are as flaky as deep thoughts with jack handy from Saturday night live. I hope they stop playing it on the radio soon it's driving me nuts at work on that damn 'EZ' rock station.

i luv her | Reviewer: janet | 5/12/06

omg!!!!!!!! when i first heard these words i was like "its an okay song" but when i heard unwritten i kept singing it non-stop. i luv her voice and it suits the song very well. unwritten is a song i always sing and it will always be remembered in my head

Very Impressed!! | Reviewer: heZz | 11/8/05

I don't listen to pop music at all but she has totally drawn me in..I've been searching her collection and are becoming a bigger and bigger fan by the minute....

Awesome-ness | Reviewer: Exa | 8/20/05

Natasha Bedingfield is really one of the new breakthrough artists. 'These Words' blew me away. I loved that upbeat rhythm and that song really showed off her vocals. She's not just another pretty face and anyone who thinks so can take a hike. Out of a possible 10 stars, she easily earns a 15. Keep it up Tash!

nat is awesome!!! | Reviewer: jordan k. | 7/12/05

when i 1st heard These Words, i instantly fell in luv w/ it. she is really different from all of the other pop singers out there. she's got an edgy image, which i think is awesome. whenever im feeling happy-go-lucky, i listen 2 this. i bet her album is gonna b off the hook!

It's me again. Just saying what a cool singer Nat. B. is!!! | Reviewer: Female Fan | 4/13/05

I think Natasha Bedingfield is such a cool singer!!! All my friends love her!!! One friend is over the moon about her. She gets excited when u even mention her name!!! We all love her songs soooooo much!!! Natasha, we love u, love u, love u, is that o.k? At skool nearly every girl listen's 2 Tasha's music, go on listen, what r u waiting 4??? I give her 10 STARS!!! It has so much meaning 2 it and the tunes r so cool. Please comment on what i say!