INCREDIBLE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/18/12

When I first heard this song it didnt really jump out at me it was just a song then I listend to it a couple more times and I was like oh my goodness GOD REALLY DOES SEE THE REAL ME

The Real Me | Reviewer: Kaleigh | 4/5/11

Two days ago I started a drama group at my church. I am quite the actress and while i do a drama I feel as if I am playing that role, I put myself in the place that the song is speaking about. My drama coach introduced me to this song and i immediatley teared up because it has so much to do with my life. I have family issues, I'm 16 and have gone through a lot. But God sees the real me,so all the gossip and rumors and hiding mysekf from who i really am,,dont matter. I AM GOD'S child,and i praise Him everyday for that. This song is a true blessing!GIG,,,,God Is Good!<3

Hiding in California | Reviewer: Mask Girl | 2/8/11

im 13 years old, and this song describes me PERFECTLY. i have INSANE (note: INSANE!) family issues, so-called friends who neglect me, and peers in dance class who physically bully me vigorously. but does anyone see this pain? no. when everyone else can break down about breakups and chipped nailpolish, i have to hold it all together and not burst into tears in front of everyone. it's not fair at all.

but there's this boy named myles who saw right through my act and knew what was going on. he understands me and everything. i dont really like him, but i'm just glad there's someone there who's watching out for me.

"TrueFaced" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/09

Reminds me of the book, "TrueFaced". Taking off the mask and being yourself, to others and with God. We don't have to wear a mask. That's not a part of God's plan. I needed this song. Thanks.

amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/09

i'm 12 but the first time i heard this i cried my eyes out and i still get teary eyed everytime i hear it... i'm not popular or skinny or pretty or anything like that but this song made me relize that i don't need to care about what they think as long as i know that God sees the real me.

The Real Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/24/09

This song really helps me when I am down. It shows you that God loves you no matter what you do. I first this song up at a camp and it was just for the girls and they told us that we don't have to change for anyone ecspecailly guys and to stay true to yourself. They played this song and everyone cried and i was instantly in love with it.

the perfect song | Reviewer: robin | 10/26/08

A few weeks ago a girl in my support group told me about this song so I downloaded it into my Itunes. I am 56 years old and am just realizing that I have had such self contempt because of sexual sin in my past. Tonight God was ministering to me as I cried out to Him about this and HE reminded me of this song. It expresses perfectly what I believe He wants me to know.... He knows me and accepts me and loves me in spite of any past failures. Now I have asked Him to make that Real to ME and to let me be the REAL ROBIN He created me to be, not hiding behind a mask of shame. Thanks to the writer and to Natalie for this song will forever be a reminder of this moment I wrestled with God.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/08

This is possibly one of my favourite songs ever! I cried the first time I listened to it because it helped me to realise God sees how special I really am. I have suffered from severe depression throughout my childhood, and this song has truly touched my heart.

God bless Natalie Grant and the lyricist for making this song so beautiful.

beautiful!!!! | Reviewer: jhonna Nisperos | 8/30/08

how beautiful this song is! It made me cry..It seems like God was really talking to me. God really knows the deepest part of my heart. He knows what is inside me. I am so inspired by this song. I am playing it repeatedly.I am so blessed to hear this song. God knows my pain. He knows.. And I believe, I'm healed! I'm healef! THank you Lord.
God bless you more Natalie. May you continue to touch people's life through your song.

Touches your soul | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/08

I am 46 years old and just recently heard this song for the first time and it brought me to tears. How amazing that a 16 yo could put to words what people of all ages hide inside. You have a true talent for writing and Natalie sings with the voice of angels. Keep up the AWESOME work.

The Real Me | Reviewer: Beth | 5/5/08

This song touched the deepest place in my heart; around 23 years ago I committed a sin in my life I just couldn't get over . . . it created a scar inside of me that made me feel so ugly. About three years ago the Lord Jesus released me from the bondage I was under; however, I wished this song was around 23 years ago!! It has such a healing for those of us who long/longed to pretty on the inside as well as the outside! Thank you Natalie and the lyricist for touching our lives!! He really does know the Real Me!!!

Opened up | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/07

I'm a teenager and have been struggling my entire life with who i am and to not turn out like my father or be i a abusive relationship and this song is everything i've always felt like and it really opened the eyes of my heart to know that GOD really does no who you are and that he loves you very much

Truly Blessed | Reviewer: In deep search | 11/8/07

I just came home from girls bible study at church and we were talking about hiding behind a masking and making ppl think you were doing GREAT but down deep inside you just want to cringe with such distress and hurt and how you really don't want others to know the depths of it!! I have heard this song plenty of times and sang along to it thousands of times in my car...but tonight as I was redoing my Myspace...I was looking for a song that reflecked how I was feeling and I came upon Natalie Grants page and clicked to see if she had put up any new songs and as I was going through what she had up I clicked on " The Real Me" and all though I have heard it countless times before...I never paid attention to what she was really singing about untill tonight! The words that are brought forth in this AMAZING song are EXACTLY what we were talking in Bible Study!!

Amazing song! | Reviewer: Cathleen | 11/9/07

I was shopping in a store and this song actually stopped my in my tracks. I must have looked crazy standing there staring up at the speaker in the cealing, but I was mesmorized by the beautiful lyrics and voice I was hearing. I have never heard a more powerful song. I walked out of that store with tears in my eyes and went home to get online and find out who sang it. I have now become a huge Natalie fan and tell everyone to listen to this masterpiece!!

Natalie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/17/07

This song is beautiful. All of Natalie's songs seem to reflect my heart. What a wonderful blessing.