Very Uplifting | Reviewer: Christine | 10/11/07

I was going through a time where I thought that no one loved me because of my looks. But when I heard this song it made me feel so much better to know that no matter what I look like that God and Jesus will love me anyways! I feel way better about myself and I guess tha it shows to other people because now I have more friends than ever, and I love to share God with everyone that I meet. This song is extremely uplifting and I love it so much!!!! Thanks for this great song!

Amazing! | Reviewer: nikki | 10/2/07

I think that this song has got to be one of my favourate!
Its amazing and sums absolutly everything!
Im lost 4 words!

ahh-mazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/07

this song sums up everything that i've been feeling lately. it's amazing. i feel great when i listen to this. it feels like God is speaking to me through natalie's words. i love it

How real! | Reviewer: Joan Hinsdale | 7/2/07

I first heard this song on the way home from a long day's work. It brought me to tears. I told my friend and based upon my reaction, she purchased the CD. My friend heard Natalie sing this at a Christian Rock Festival and he spoke with Natalie. How cool that a 16 yo wrote the lyrics. True genius is when words so beautiful can be put to such perfect music and then sung by a voice that is like a bird. I am so inspired by these artists. It makes me want to create art of my own. God bless you for your work. Joan

I'll be sure to tell the lyricist! | Reviewer: Chrissi | 5/28/07


My name is Chrissi, and I'm friends with this song's lyricist! She's 16 and goes to my school. I'm so very proud of her for writing such beautiful and touching lyrics, and I'm so happy Ms Grant put them to such gorgeous music! I'm going to show her these wonderful reviews!

Simple & Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/07

This song is one that tugs at me from within my very depths. It reminds me of how much God really does know. The things that you will never share with anyone and really won't even allow yourself to think on - God knows. He knows and yet He still loves us. Despite every failure, every flaw, every gross mistake, everything we try to hide. What a beautiful and honest song. I love it!

The Real Me | Reviewer: Chesney | 4/23/07

Lately, I have been stuggling with knowing who I really am...and when I heard this song, I nearly cried because it was like God Himself was telling me that even if I am unsure of who I am, He will always know who THE REAL ME is. Praise be to God! and Thank you to Natalie Grant for singing this song! God has used her voice to minister to so many people including myself.

--- | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/20/07

When i heard this song on the radio, i almost cried. it felt like i was singing to God right there! this song is so powerful...i am going to get i and sing at my church! praise god for Natalie Grant!

The Real Me | Reviewer: melia | 6/16/06

A beautifully and perfectly crafted song which shares most probably the secret feelings not only of young women, but probably the secret feelings of everyone else as well.
A marriage of haunting melody, the precisely correct words which connect to a feel common to all. I always enjoy songs which recognize and illuminate our subordinance to God, especially when they are finely crafted enough not to even mention his name.