to natalie | Reviewer: abby | 6/5/14

Natalie grant is amazing, she is a great person. I have heard a lot about Natalie grant and I know the majority of her songs. I have always wanted to be a singer I Want to sing on KLOVE but there are people like my family that tell me that tell me that I will never make it. I am going to prove to those people that I will be a singer and also I really, really want to see Natalie grant in person. but for one thing I live to far away for me to be a singer or to see Natalie grant

Very Heart felt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/11

Not sure about the song meaning, other than it sounds as if a child was taken from thier mother while a mother prayed for a healing. I can see how anger can cloud our hearts. BUT GOD... He is there is the bigger plan, and yes, He, The Lord holds us, because of his promise. Great Song...

Held | Reviewer: Carol Howard | 2/6/11

Our praise team sang this song beautifully today& I was already quite familiar with it & love it, but would like to know the background because it tears at my heartstrings so! I know He loves us all, but it takes a song like this to remind us all! I have the CD & will be listening to the song "Held" over & over again on my way to work today! Thank You & God's blessings always!

Held | Reviewer: TAREMWA MIRIAN | 4/1/09

Two weeks ago,my dad lost his eye after the doctors found out that he had a wound inside.He just have to live his life now with one eye.I have been feeling low and sorry for him,but after listening to this song,i feel strong in my spirit that God is still holding my dad close and he will be with him till the end.THANK YOU NATALIE GRANT FOR THIS SONG.I KNOW IT IS ENCOURAGING MANY OUT THERE.

(how natalie grant got her big break?) | Reviewer: christine | 11/9/07

I would like to be a christian singer,I believe I have the talent, but I know it dosen't happen overnight,so i was just corious as to how natalie grant got her big break.


Held? | Reviewer: Bob | 9/6/07

I was wondering what the inspiration was for the song "Held". This song has a grip on me, but I can't help feeling it's origin lies in calamity. Please let me know what did inspire this song. It is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard. Thanks. Bob.