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Performed by Natalie Grant

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Thank you for these touching lyrics! | Reviewer: Chase | 9/18/07

This song is amazing. I just recently lost my father, and for a 20 year old, thats difficult. My dad had a stroke on July 4th, 2006 and was brain dead, and on breathing machines for three days. I layed in the hospital bed with him all of those days and just begged him to talk to me, to hold me like he did when I was a boy. I didn't think i would live past his death. A few months ago i was driving and thinking about my dad and this song played. Nothing has touched my heart as powerful as this song. It reminds me that my dad "Died to live" and I shouldn't be selfish. I hope you all find some meaning out of this song. God bless you all!

too many losses | Reviewer: Jacki | 9/15/07

My son Jeffrey miscarried before he was born.
My son Danny and daughter Anna were taken away from me after a 3 1/2 year custody battle and unjustly given to myalcoholic ex-husband. Myoldest son dies at 34 of a heart lung diasease, 6 months later, my one and only soul winning son Tim was snatched away by a girl who caused him to turn away from Mom and family. In essence all 5 of my kids have been torn away at one time or another...this song seemed to be written for me, and helped my soul release the pain, sorrow and grief...I have lived my life for the Lord, taking responsibility and making my kids my top prioity as a single Mom.
Tonight am listening to another song that Natalie did..."Bring it all together"...that also is part of my story. God gave me a business, for the first time, I have my own home,drive my own car and the remaining children Tim Danny and Anna all work for me in our contracting business. We're all doing well, am believing for a complete restoration, heart to heart. Moving forward. Natalie I watched a video ofyours last night, I see beauty less vanity...keep shining that way girl!

About the song HELD by Natalie Grant | Reviewer: Lynn | 9/14/07

This song is very special to me... My baby girl was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 @ 20 weeks. I carried her full term and during the final hours of my labor her little heart stopped beating. My little sleeping beauty was born still. She decided to go home to the Lord. It has been almost 4 years since that bittersweet day and not a day goes by that I don't remember. This song has brought me so much tears and at the same time much comfort.

Simple Truth | Reviewer: Patricia | 9/5/07

My husband and I lost are daughter at 5 months gestation two years ago. We are still grieving as we weren't able to at the time because my husband left for Iraq 2 weeks later. This song has touched me in a way that I cannot express. It definitely does help with our "why" questions. We are grateful for this song and the blessing it has given. We miss our Lily Nicole, but we have a small understanding now of why she had to leave us.

Keep The Music Ali8ve | Reviewer: Cassie | 9/5/07

This song has so much heart put into it. It means so much to me! When I listen to this it makes my heart feel good. Most of all it reminds me of my friends and family.

I know | Reviewer: daisy claudio | 9/2/07

I've never lost a child but I never thought that certain things could never touch me and my family until one day I found out that my favorite uncle was murdered, I wish I could have seen him one last time and told him how much I really loved him. This has changed the life of my family and we've all reunited and have kept touch since. Thank you for this inspirational song, you've touched my heart.

What it means | Reviewer: Bernard Gaitho K. | 8/27/07

The first time i heard this song was when i was listening to our local christian radio station. I don know what i felt, the next day i was looking for the lyrics i didnt find it i stayed for long but one day, today. av found it it blesses my heart.

God Bless you all

held | Reviewer: lydia | 8/21/07

this song is so special to me as well, we just lost our 3 year old nephew in a house fire and i felt like i just had to have someone to blame for his death, i questioned god because i had taken him to the alter and asked god to keep him safe and just a few weeks later this happened , i begged for answers ..... why? then i heard this song and it has really impacted me, that no matter what it is that god is holding our family in his loving arms, no matter what the circumstances are ....thank you jesus

ummm | Reviewer: jill | 8/4/07

i luv this song but there are a couple errors in the lyrics. just thought you should should be "Who have died to live" not sin.

Lorena Renee 3/9/07 | Reviewer: Sandy | 8/4/07

This song has so much meaning to me. We played it at my daughters funeral two days after she was born. She was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at 32 weeks and I knew that i had to surrender her to the Lord. She is my miracle baby because she wasnt supposed to make it so far and she spent 9 beautiful hours with us ...just enough time to Bless all her family and create an everlasting impact in her mommies life! She has since come to visit me and has blessed my life even in spirit! Dont give up hope! Our dear ones who have made that transition from Earth to Heaven are always with us...YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE!!!!
Mommy loves you Lorena Renee...always!!! You are my HERO!

this song | Reviewer: mariah | 8/3/07

this song is a great song. me and my mother listen to it all the time it has o much meaning to me that no one could even come close to understanding.

About the song Held performed by Natalie Grant | Reviewer: Missy | 8/3/07

THis song was played at my grandmothers funeral and i would like it to also be played at mine. everytime i hear this song i cry. it hurts to listen to this song but its also very helpful when i think about my grandmother. I love u Elaine. your GREATLY missed and loved. one day our family will be together agian.

This is what it really means.... | Reviewer: Carrie P | 7/29/07

I can't express what this song means to me. Every time I hear this song, I can't help but wipe the tears from my eyes.. So many endless nights of tears, fears and uncertainness. Thats all i want is to be held by Jesus, my savior. Thank you Amy for you amazing voice and words.. God has blessed many of us because of this song.

Don't ever stop asking for good things! | Reviewer: Amy | 7/20/07

This song is such a beautiful attempt to answer the impossible "Why do bad things happen" question.

But please, What ever you do, Don't give up! Don't ever stop asking for good things! GOD DELIGHTS IN BEING LAVISH!

About this song | Reviewer: Emilee | 7/20/07

This song performed by Natalie Grant is very specail to me. I had never heard this song bfore until a friend let me listen to it and now it is my favorite song. I love it. Natalie has a fantastic voice I wish i could sing like her

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