Reviews for Held Lyrics

Performed by Natalie Grant

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Understanding Grief | Reviewer: Sofiya Deniese | 7/22/14

This song made me cry everytime I listen to it. Heaven got an angel when my unborn baby joined lil angels in heaven. I cried during those times,but GOD never left me.

Mercy | Reviewer: Arone | 1/21/14

When I first listened this song on disc DVD entitled WOW hits 2007, it encourages me not to stop doing the Lord's will, and this song touched me because I remember that I with serious problems in this case familiar, but when I start listen to this song it raised me up and gave me power to survive or well, from that time I was held! Now i can feel that I am New person and special one...
But I know that was not only the song itself but the Hands of the Almighty God...
God bless you Natalie and don't give up on Him

my relation | Reviewer: Teagen | 1/13/14

When my brother died (along with my cousins funeral), this song was played for his memorial, he was just a baby. I cant listen to this song without bursting in tears and thinking about what he wouldve become and how he wouldve grown. I cant make it to the chorus without crying.
Im not religous or anything, but this song speaks to me on a spiritual level.

This song is so touching | Reviewer: Okello jstn | 6/28/13

It was last night that i had this song held my brother made a selection of songs that played the whole night but dia friends when i had this song i woke up to check the title bt remember it was not my first time to hear it play big up to Natalie God bless u this song brings me up wen i'm down

Its real christian life | Reviewer: Jona | 12/2/12

When ever i listen 2 dis song im moved cos i jst cant stop imaging hw dat day will be like wen im finally held in the arms of God when its done Grant God bless u cos am held up high ind the sky by this song and ur voice

encouraging words | Reviewer: sandra judith lobo | 8/4/12

when ever i am in distress, this song gives peace to my mind and heart. positive thinking comes in my mind. and the most important thing is i come more closer to GOD and feel secure as a child feels secure with its mother. PRAISE THE LORD!

This song has helped me through... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/12

This song is great, sad and makes me cry every time I hear it. I like it because it's really about the Christian life. We question, life is not easy and God never said it would be. He is here with me and I will be with Him in heaven someday. There should be more 'real' Christian songs like this one! Yes we have hope, but we were created in God's image and He has emotions as we do.

heartfelt | Reviewer: patricia | 2/20/12

this song is the best gospel ive eva heard. it feels ma hrt wit compassion n tears roll down ma cheeks.. evrytym i watch it, i feel lyk huggin natalie. God bless her. great work natalie.

..awesome! | Reviewer: emmy jean | 1/19/12

..i heard jus a part of dis song n i was krazily in love with it..when i eventually got it..i jus kouldn't help buh 2 listen 2 it over n over n over again..its remindz me of a time when there was an aberant onslaught in some place miles away 4m our resident..where children wia kilt so rily afektd al of us..buh den knowin dah in d tikest we'r HELD by's highly enkouragin..luv u Grants

Selfishness,bitterness,and anger has no mercy! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/7/11

I can relate to this song so well...I expierenced losing my daughter through divorce for a whol year just to get her back and now 9 mos later to have my it happen again....I am heart broken and do not know how the legal system can let this happen....I know God is bigger but I feel so small.....

never meant more | Reviewer: Emme | 10/10/11

A friend lost her 2 1/2 month old baby last week to crib death, so sad and so hard to understand. I though of this song and tried to listen to it again....not yet...too many tears...but the message is the same...we will be held and my prayer is that the Lord Jesus is holding them right now.

we ar loved!!! | Reviewer: Belinda | 7/4/11

the first time i heard this song i had just become a christian was the beginning of the year and evrything was just going very badly in my life and my relationships.when it got to the 1st chorus,tears started flowing and i felt a greater love covering me into protection.i knew God was speaking to me and i was held,i survived.stay blessed natalie!

breaking relationships | Reviewer: christopher | 5/20/11

i was in this great relationship that i felt would never break nomatter what happens,but suddenly things happened between me and my love partner and i was left alone.i couldn't imagine myself being faced by this situation and it was like the world came to a stand still....not long ago when i listened to this song i started healing up and knew it was nothing but the power of the almight God cleaning up the mess that was in my life and now as i speak,i feel held and survived the pain and suffering that almost made me lose my mind.i thank you natalie grant...

When everything sacred has been tourn from your life | Reviewer: Ra-Lee D. Waller Pruett | 4/19/11

You never know what you have been spared from by God. God will put you under cover in the enemies camp just to build your character and observe his ways and raise you up to be more than you can be and you have to go through some stuff to get the annointing. the mess becomes the message and you are brought out with power and authority and walk in it with great faith. praise God for his grace!

I am loved!!! | Reviewer: Grace | 4/14/11

I can't help but post this. I 1st heard this song in a CD in a friend's room while in campus. Having suffered dysfunctional relationships coupled with severe heartbreaks, people who didn't care though they had significant titles of being 'Men of God', having been raised in a family of 6 ladies with 3 half brothers who mistreated me, sexually abused me; my grandpa never wanted to see us, I grew up to be anti-guys friendly and on this particular period some guys had plotted that a chairmanship post I had been selected for shouldn't be accorded for the mere fact that I was a lady! The very part of me that hurt! Sure, it went to a guy and I was made the secretary of the group! It hurt! It pained! And the hearing of this song ripped off my heart.... This hand is bitterness, we want to taste it and let hatred numb into our sorrows.... This is what it is, what it feels, when the sacred is torn from our lives and we survive!!! The promise that we will be held keeps me going! God bless Natalie !!!

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