hey!! there this is one of the best!!! song u will ever here | Reviewer: marj | 9/1/2008

this song is so great it will ispire u it has for me some time's win u fill like ur not who u should be in god u just listen to this song and it help's u no that god is there even win u fell he has left ur side but u just need to remimber that god never leave's ur side even win u thank he has cause he love's us all so much and this song will touch ur heart

AWESOME | Reviewer: Amber | 5/23/2008

this song is from Natalie grant and it tells how she wants to become awaken to Christ's glory and grace. This is a great song because not only does it tell her story alot of kids can relate to this song in different ways. I personally love this song and listen to it all the time and if you take the time to read or actually listen to the words it might bring a tear to your eye because she shows we all have problems but God can fix them and God will awken you to all the posibilities to "Live your destiny". on a scale of one to ten i give this song 4,000,000,005!!!!

From a 12 year old

natilie grant | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/2007

She is such a great singer I LOVE Her Its such a great song in fact most of them r great

Inspiring | Reviewer: Sam | 7/10/2007

This song enspires me so much! I am sometimes not what I could be, and god helps my soul awaken, and that just makes me feel so alive inside. I love this song.


Natalie Grant-Awaken comments | Reviewer: Shana | 4/21/2007

OMG! i love this song..she is my favorite Christian singer...and i also love Casting Crowns..anyways..um..I love this song and i was listening to it on youtube.com and like the first time i listened to this song i fell in love with it so yea..umm..well also some girl performed it at my school for the talent show and i was like OH MY GOSH! u have to tell me this song..and she did..and now i have the CD so i'm so very happy..lol and Natalie Grant is gorgeous and she sings this song so well..so i'm happy for that! i give this song 100 points..lol and if you've never heard this song..then its worth buying and listening to! ~shana-tyneal~

Excellent Song, Five stars | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/2007

One of the best Christian Rock songs out right now, Natalie Grant has an awesome voice and it shows in this song.

I LOVE THIS SONGG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/2007

this song is amazing,
she does a great job with it.....


i could listen to this all day.
it is worth buying if you don't have it.

******/5 stars!!!!