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I love writing stories about essay. | Reviewer: beverlygrant | 11/28/12

I am 57 year old I'm class at this place call the women center, I real show when I was in school. My spelling bad but cent I being going to this class;they learn me how to work a computer but I skill have a long way to go, they are me math, read, and how to write letters. "Because feel that I didn't get that chance in school," That all for I know you won't under stand what I type.

MS | Reviewer: BASTONE | 4/16/12


heartbreak | Reviewer: tina manuel | 2/18/12

Ms. Cole you are a miracle performing. I enjoyed your music, I was talking with my daughter that is 14 year old reading about Whitney and looking a her funeral today and what a sad day it is but I told my daughter how you was a come back in all your addiction and husbands and how you success through your up and down I wish Whitney could have gotten with you or other women that has hit hard time and came back on top and not had to put their love one thur this.

What a Sweety | Reviewer: J.L. Thornton | 11/8/10

Natalie,you've been through hell and now you're back for good.Hooray !!! When I hear your voice, I feel a sense of calmness and relaxation. Don't ever quit singing.

A big fan,


whew...great""" | Reviewer: lydz banico | 1/7/08

hello sweetie...
i'm one of your greatest fan. your songs inspire me alot. i hope we could see each other soon. i'll be more than happy if my wish would be granted.

lydz --- from the Philippines

Natalie's Performance with The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra | Reviewer: Don Davenport | 10/13/07

I just returned from Natalie's concert with the Charlotte Symphony and it was outstanding. Loved everything about it. The sound, her voice, her looks, the seat and setting. Natalie looked stunning and has great body tone. She is definitely working out. That sweet voice is here to stay. Had not seen her in almost ten years and it was great to see her again. Love her, I do.

Don Davenport

hi ms.cole | Reviewer: Brittney Yancy | 8/25/07

hi our names are brittney and taylor yancy are uncle is marvin yancy i know you don't know us but i love your music one day we would love to meet you.My other sisters name is ashley yancy.and i would also like too say would you tell your son hi for me. p.s we can sing to

Shopping with you and the girls today | Reviewer: Portia | 6/26/07

What a wonderful person you are! I've always loved you and your musice but to have had such a day as we did. Was amazing. You've alway been my idol! Thanks for being so down to earth.

you my pink cadilak | Reviewer: luka chibangula | 6/11/07

am friend and sorry ma comment is not about your powerfull hot shot track but you yourself. I have noticed that Police are back on the scene, cmon now lady Natalie don't ever kid yourself that you're over the experly date yet. Think about it PLEAZZZZZZZZZ. Hope for the very best in you. kiss kiss chao.

Luka, Zambia mama Africa

Cole Blooded/Thankful | Reviewer: willie milton | 6/1/07

Ms Cole I have been a fan of yours, from day one. This will be an everlasting love, joey and you, just to name a few songs. Through the years the upsw and downs, "GOD" made a way for you. Now the latest album, what a guster to sang one of Ms Franklin songs after many years of the writers making you'll emenys. Keep on keeping on with good music. Oh, your eyes, can't say no, good morning heataces and one of my faviorts no planes for the future. Ms Cole I am glade you now have planes.

What will Natalie Cole Do Next | Reviewer: andrea estes | 3/13/07

i think that natalie cole will get back into acting and make more music

hi cousin natalie cole | Reviewer: anne | 3/7/07

dear natalie ,my boyfriend and i getting married in two thousand and nine and i want to come and sing and because i am your biggest fine and i am also your cousin .

life history | Reviewer: sandra orta | 11/13/06

I would like to reveiw the performance at Jackson Rancheria on November 12th 2006.I was an audience member for the 6:00 show.
Ms.Cole was fantastic!!She has lost nothing over the last 25 yrs."" She looked and sounded wonderful.
My only complaint was that the show was 1hr.11minutes long.I expected more.Although the content was fast moving and exciting.However,AS an audience member I was left bewildered with the ending.MS.Cole brought us to a fever pitch and then just walked off.We were unsure if it was an intermission or an ending.Some people left and others waited to see what was happening.The musicians shut off their equipment and followed Ms.Cole off the stage,with no explanation.After waiting for a minute or two,they all returened for an encore.I felt a little bit dissapointed,as I thought the show could have been a little longer .I almost felt as if the performance was a chore.Ms.Cole said they had been on the road for 5 and a half weeks,maybe they were tired,but I felt they left us hanging.
She is a fabulous singer and had the performance been just a little longer ,maybe a little slower the audience would have felt more appreciative.I heard many people complaining about the abrupt ending and the shortness of the performance.
Ms.Cole is every bit as impressive as an other super star and her voice is one of a kind,a great gift.I wish her much success and hope she is performing for many years to come.!!!!
Sincerely Sandra Orta

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