Offensive advert | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/13

I am still getting adverts for 50 per cent off 'urns'. I find this very offensive and inappropriate,cas I' m looking at a music site, not an advert for burials. Please remove.

There's also an ad for someone with a fat belly, with their trousers half undone, presumably because they no longer fit into their pants. I'd be a bit more choosey when allowing ads to appear on your website. This is the second time I've complained. Will remember NOT to visit your site again and will be complaining to the relevant advertising authority to look into this appalling intrusion into my ability to view sites without such offensive adverts. Am writing to the head of google advertising also.

One of the best | Reviewer: Rick | 1/20/13

I first heard this song about 40 yrs ago and have thought it to be one of the best songs I have ever heard--maybe I'm just an old romantic but still love the song--Nat died way too young and wonder sometimes what he would think of the so called music we have today

Most Appropriate For Love | Reviewer: Marcha | 12/2/12

I woke up this Sunday morning singing this song and had to find it. Knew most of the words but were elated to find the exact lyrics. This song pulls the strings of my heart... maybe one day i shall sing it because i have found that love...

beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/6/11

i first heard this on Dick summers radio show in new york (overnite show) he did a thing where he read love poems and other things and he called his segment THE LOVING TOUCH he often played this song i have loved it ever since. it's beautiful

From a Filipino | Reviewer: TongitsManila | 6/6/11

My dad loved to play jazz when I was young but I never knew the singers and song titles. I suddenly recognized this song when I heard it on the radio. Go on and kiss her... was such a haunting refrain. It spoke for me, the love for my wife who has been my friend for 30 years. I wanted to sing this to her and now I have the words. Many thanks.

Love it, love Nat | Reviewer: Lucille Idoux | 5/14/11

That Sunday, That Summer brings up all kinds of feelings for me. I feel happy and sad, all at the same time. The lyrics are sweet and meaninful as are the lyrics to a lot of the old songs that actually "said" something. It brings back a lot of sweet memories of days gone by that I love to remember. And, if it matters, I am 71 years old and have always been a romantic. I expect that I was young at the perfect time to have been able to experience songs such as That Sunday, That Summer.

Mr. Scum Bag | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/10

OK so I'm a scum bag, I just swiped the first few lines and sent them via text to someone that I actually met on a Sunday a few weeks ago. she is on her way to see me and hopefully these lines will put the icing on the cake, if you know what I mean!

A tune from the memory | Reviewer: Alan-Nottingham-England | 3/4/10

Every so often, a tune from the past comes into your head, and you find yourself humming it. Today, in the office, it's That Sunday, That Summer,
by Nat.( I actually thought it was called One day)- I came onto the site to find the lyrics. They are absolutely beautiful, and sum up a persons feeling for his loved one. Nat made some fantastic songs, but this, as far
as i'm concerned, is THE BEST.!!!!

nykky | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/09

My dad grew up in the Nat King Cole era so naturally i grew to like and luv some of the song however that sunday that summer is truely beautiful by all means... I don't share this song with some significant other but it is one of my dads favorites and mine as well... I have been searching for the title of the song for years now... and just so u now i'm only 25 and this by all means once again is my favorite song and i intend to dance with my dad at my wedding to it... Thx for the lyrics

George Benson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/09

I heard George Benson perform this song at North Sea Jazz in Rotterdam last weekend in his Nat King Cole tribute. It had me in tears. I'll be playing this to the love of my life when I meet her next..... soon...

that sunday that summer | Reviewer: christy felicia | 2/6/08

i'm 21 years old but this song realy impressed me so much. my friend used to make fun at me bcoz they dont understand why i love this song so much. i think this is the most romantic song that i've ever heard. i've been looking for the lyrics since i dont know when. thx

One of the most romantic songs of the last centrury | Reviewer: Jan Hawkins | 4/23/06

This song was always being played in my childhood home as it was my parents song.

Mom died today and of course I will be arranging for it to be played at her funeral.

It is such a perfect romantic song, which stirs such wonderful memories for me, all made even more special by the fantastic voice of Nat King Cole.

That Sunday, That Summer | Reviewer: Beverly McNulty | 4/4/06

that song has been running throuhg my head for days now...I remember my Dad play it. it's such I ROMATIC song...why can't anyone write songs like that anymore????? I'm 50 yrs young going on 25. I'm trying to find a recording of the song mentioned above, and so far it's a dead end!!!! thankyou, Beverly McNulty