Wonderfully romantic old standrd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/14

Each Valentine's Day,I send my BF a song so he knows how much I love him.Last year,it was "When You Wish Upon a Star." This year it's "That's All." As we have gotten older(both 65),we have realized that fancy gifts and candy and flowers just cannot replace the words we want to express.But this song does. I know he will plotz when he gets this along with a special card.

proposed to this song | Reviewer: diego | 9/25/13

August 28th. Inout on the wedding singer. Slow damced to this song in the middle of the movie. Told her how maly in love I am with her n how I will never let her down. Asked her to close her eyes... got on my knees n when she opened them. I popped the question. She hugged me. While on my knees. Said yes. More like shouted yes. After a few seconds. Didnt let me out the ring on her. Didnt even see it lol she held me tight. Followed by I love you multiple times. Finaly put the ring on her n dodnt let me go for almost an hour :) this was a perfect song n perfect timing.

standing in the middle of fry,s | Reviewer: dru | 12/21/10

i was standing in the big middle of fry's electronics here in fremont, ca. when this song started running through my pin head. fry's, especially at this time of year, is pulsating with the sights and sounds of all our electronic inventions, not unlike the cacophony one is subject too in a casino. i had to come home and make certain of the lyrics. yes....a song of simple pleasure and meaning

Doesn't Get Any Better | Reviewer: Rashida in CA | 1/24/10

This is just such a beautiful song when you really review the lyrics. Nat King Cole's voice is phenomenal of course but the lyrics are what make this song. In a world that's so materialistic, it's nice to go back to a time where "love" was enough. This will definately be my wedding song sung by a man and a woman as a duet!

Beautiful Wedding song | Reviewer: Gretchen in WA | 8/10/04

We used this song for our wedding in 2000 becuase it symbolizes our inner unselfish love for each other!...would highly recomend it!