Great song | Reviewer: NKF | 1/25/13

Those are some great songs he songs he does, and he made a great way in that music era up with Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and many others, he was so ahead of his time with the wonderful lyrics and medley he provided. -NKF

Don't mess with perfection | Reviewer: Janet | 9/18/12

Now, I don't have any old NKC albums to verify the accuracy of these lyrics, but one click away you can see and hear NKC perform the song, and these are the lyrics.

It's what one can do with the song within the lyrics that gets amazing. When you listen to NKC do it, it's all very subtle, only a couple of notes, it's all in the delivery. No wonder jazz singers have not been able to resist the temptation to just let'er blow on some of the phrases - the basic tune just begs for artistic embellishments. But, for real results, one should never stray too far from the unassuming original melody of this classic.

Cool down, papa, don't you blow ... your... top!