free french ball | Reviewer: pearl | 5/24/09

when i was 14 yrs old i sang stardust during ww2 at a ball held in aberdeen scotland[for the free french ]the words are sooo meaningful it was my dads fav song [he was a musician]i am now 81yrs young and still get emotional when i hear it....bring back meaningful lyrics ....

A SONG TO STIR THE SOUL | Reviewer: David R. George | 1/24/09

Like Jorge Esteban, I, too, am transported to a special time i my life when my dad was alive. My Website, stardust, retains a clip from YouTube in which Nat King Cole sings Stardust to the accompaniment of pictures taken by the Hubble telescope Hoagy Carmichael, the song's composer. It is a special experience like no other.

Purity and love given through song. | Reviewer: Lauren S. (age 13) | 9/28/07

Listen, just listen to the lyrics, listen. What do you hear? How do you feel? How do you change? This is more than just an old song that's popularity has died over the years, it's far from it. It's like fine wine, age adds to the delicious flavor of the melody. No one has the courage to write song like this anymore. Young talent in Hollywood is surpressed and it's a shame. Our adolecents need to listen to this song and learn to savor wonderful stories when they come across them. This song is more than a song, it's a lament beautifully convayed through the sweet sound of song. It is a gift. Thank God for it, because it must have been in a vision, from the Lord, that this song was created.

What a song ! | Reviewer: Mike Goudreau | 8/21/07

I hate to sound like an old fart ( I'm only 41 ) complaining about today's music, but they just don't write songs like this anymore...Beautiful words & melody..Nat King Cole's version is great, but don't forget Louis Armstrong's version...My favorite one...I sing this at my Jazz gigs and it always gives goosebumps when I sing it !

A Doorway to a Beautiful Era | Reviewer: Jorge Esteban | 6/9/07

Some people believe that past times were always better. I hate to sound that pessimistic, but when I listen to Nat King Cole, I am transported to a special time in my childhood. A time in which even the smoke from my Dad's cigarettes smelled sweet. Stardust is a song I've known all my life, and every time I hear it, the world seems different, and all my dreams come to life. Allow this beautiful song to find a place in your memory. I'm sure it will stay with you forever, as it has with me.

A haunting melody | Reviewer: Brita Tarrant | 4/11/06

This song stops you in your tracks. Everyone seems to be able to relate to it and be transported at once. It's a magical, magical song. Nat King Cole is perfect for this lyric.

CLASSIC - AWESOME! | Reviewer: Reb | 11/10/04

No simple and silly words or melody - this is a complex song. But i't complexity does not detract from it's beauty - NO SIR-EE! No matter who sings it, even Hoagy himself, it's contagious!