Intelligence, Creativity, Common Sense and Beauty | Reviewer: Joel Kramer | 6/11/13

As the last reviewer profoundly stated:
"the words are sooo meaningful"- "bring back meaningful lyrics".
This website speaks to Best and Brightest
Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
Thank you Mr. Carmichael and to all the other Creators who make life so worth living. The brilliant minds of the likes of people behind Youtube and the Internet surely amongst these other huge genius minds.
Peace and love to all,

Nailed! | Reviewer: fallingclam | 2/17/13

I'm listening to a local jazz station plying old Nat King Cole and I'm reminded of his recording of "Stardust". I think it is the slowness of presentation and the articulation of his version, along with the arrangement and background, that have always made it one of my favorites. Cole smoked Kool after Kool purposely to cultivate his unique voice...and died of lung cancer at age, I think, 45. Anyway, for me, no one ever sang "Stardust" as well. As someone once said: he "nailed" it.

dream | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/26/12

Woke up this morning with the lyrics resonating in my mind from a dream of my former husband. It was my mother's favorite song. She was born in 1912 and died in 1985. She was a widow at a very young age, then met my dad and married again much later. Our lives had sort of a parallel; however, I never remarried. I thought this was very profound since I have not heard this song in many years and when I tried to repeat the lyrics I couldn't although they were vivid coming out of my dream.

Mitchell Parrish | Reviewer: Calvin | 5/10/12

Hey everyone,
You should know that Mitchell Parrish, not Hoagy Carmichael, wrote the lyrics to "Stardust." Hoagy composed the music in 1927, but it was two years later in 1929 that Mitchell Parrish wrote the lyrics for him. Of course, it immediately became a huge hit. Over 1500 recordings of the song have been made, and it made both Hoagy and Mitchell very wealthy.

Stunning | Reviewer: Mike | 3/6/12

I have been a Hoagy fan since my youth but as now that I am later in my life, I understand this song so much better and appreciate the song and the lyrics so much more. Thank you Hoagy, indeed you have brought me many Stardust memories!

Mom & Dad Forever | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/7/11

This was Mom & Dad's favorite song. I grew up with it. They were always so in love with each other & they were that song. Dad died in 1999. They were married 59 yrs. Mom is in a care home with Alzheimers. She will be 91 in a few weeks. She had that song title placed on their tombstone when Dad died. There are so many memories that this disease has taken away from her but if you ask her what her favorite song is Stardust is the answer.

"stardust",a beautiful almost wagnerian masterpiece,always cry when i hear it" | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/11

my father,ancient times sang this song on the way to the family cabin under mogollon rim in arizona.later,wiser,i read,heard the lyrics,then and now,i always,ALWAYS break down in tears from its wagner's "am i alone am hearing",the liebestod from tristan and isolde,i strongly suggest you read english translation of the "love/death" song at ending isolde sings(highly recommend birgit nilson's versions!!!),these songs rip my heart open,true love gone wrong,so as everyone has had,AND CANNOT PUT INTO WORDS,GENIUS THIS HOAGY CARMICHAEL,WISH I COULD HAVE MET HIM,AND EMBRACED THE COSMIC GENIUS OF LOVE SONGS!!

Beverly who??? | Reviewer: Bird | 6/29/11

"the only one that appears to show a deep understanding of the message" is Beverly who?

Before anyone loses sight of what we're doing here, please listen to Carmichael sing the song himself, or listen to Eddy Howard sing it (with Charlie Christian's on guitar), or listen to the greatest American recording of all, of any kind, which is the Louis Armstrong recording.

Beverly who???

Perfection | Reviewer: Paul Leclercq | 1/7/11

This song shows how "it should be done" moving without corn or schmaltz.

The best sung version - the only one that appears to show a deep understanding of the message - is that of Beverley D'Angelo from the film "The Miracle"

Tear-making though...

young but still love the good ones | Reviewer: alexander | 9/6/10

haha im only 16 but this is my favorite song of all time. just the lyrics the passion and the love for music u can tell he has draws me to the music. him frank sinatra dean martin ray charels luis armstrong i just wish i could live in a time much simpler than this were the music wasnt about sex drugs money and degrading women....but to a time were music was about love and fun and just the beauty in the voices ahhh the dream and envy i have for u older folks haha

Pictures | Reviewer: bill Ballard | 4/27/10

The beauty of Mitchell Ayers (sp) words are in the images - garden wall, meadow, roses, nightingale, little stars, purple dust, "you are in my arms" - irresistible. And Hoagy's haunting melody! No wonder that back some 50 years ago Stardust was voted America's favorite song. To all Stardust lovers I recommend Artie Shaw's swing version, and the melancholy trumpet arrangement of Wynton Marsalis - along with Nat's vocal these are classics.

Nightingale tell your fairy tale, Blackbird Singing... | Reviewer: laddersong | 4/12/10

Martin Luther King from prison wrote of "the gifted poet Edwin Markham." Markham wrote in a poem about "the long reaches of the peaks of song." Markham could have been writing about Stardust even though his poem preceded the song. I believe that song writers and poets are the physicians of the soul. Mahalo.

AGELESS! | Reviewer: Naomi | 1/3/10

Certainly a timeless song! If only these great writers and composers could return to live among us - if only for a short season. Although they would probably go ino convulsions when they hear todays version of "music"!

Timeless Beauty | Reviewer: Mags | 11/1/09

I don't know why, but Nat King Cole always reminds me of Christmas. A magical Christmas of times gone by.
Crisp, white snow, warm, cosy house, twinkling Christmas tree, candle light, Mum making dinner, Dad sipping his sherry in front of the warm, cosy coal fire, me cuddling my beautiful Daddy.
We will never witness such simple beauty again.

Music Lover | Reviewer: Jackie | 9/29/09

I wanted these words to put in a frame for a nice lady at the "Residential Center" where she lives in our city. This song brings such wonderful memories for her when she was young and so in love. Because she could not have children, the love of her life broke the engagement. She never married, but "LOVES" this song. It brings her such wonderful memories of being in love.