Incorrect | Reviewer: Deshra | 2/12/13

The lyrics on here are a bit off. Most importantly, remember musicians often mispronounce words intentionally to make their music flow. A Route pronounced (rr-ow-t). Is a path through which one travels. A root pronounced (rr-oo-t) is a part of a plant.

A Standard for A Reason | Reviewer: GEGramer | 7/14/11

This riff on a blues mode captures a hint of the thrill of driving a 1953 Mercury convertible cross-country (did that once, but on a different route!). Tunes become standard for a reason - they evoke wonderful memories and can be performed in an enormous amount of styles and colorations. Like this one . . .

Don't forget Bobby Troupe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/09

This song is iconic in the American song book. It's up there with "Over the Rainbow".
Remember it was written by Bobby Troupe who made many TV and film appearances in the 1970's. See Robert Altman's original film of MASH; where Bobby is the grouchy driver in a jeep saying, "Damn Army!". Also, be played a Doctor in the Jack Webb TV series, "Emergency". His wife, singer Judy London, also played nurse Dixie McCall in Emergency. Judy London was a fine and excellent singer by her own right before doing cheesy TV latter in her career.

Thumbs up to Nat and Bobby for the gift of this song.

Winona | Reviewer: Ann | 12/30/07

Always thot I heard Nat wrong...'don't forget Winona' What is that??? So I looked it is a small city east of Flagstaff...spelled with an I, not a Y. WYnona is a singer..WInona is a town.

Where is Winona?? | Reviewer: Ann | 12/30/07

Wynona is a singer, Winona is a city in Arizona...I did not know that...thot I was hearing Nat incorrectly, so I looked it up.

route 66 | Reviewer: marissa | 10/26/07

i'm doing this song for school concert it is a wonderful song it gives you beat and good taste. i hope some of you get to do this!

Route 66 | Reviewer: Lexi | 8/24/07

I am in the 8th grade and I have chorus class. We are singing this song and I love it! I don't like jazz so that's saying something.

some corrections! | Reviewer: Saima | 5/30/07

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the song
butttt just like renee said, you reallyyyy need to fix your corrections.

the song is okay but the lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: renee | 4/8/07

I like the song but the lyrics to the song aren't correct. Otherwise, the song isn't that bad!

Wonderful Song | Reviewer: Duncan | 6/29/05

This is a great song that should be in every complete library. Nat playfully hits the notes so smoothly, and the piano lick is catchy. Definitely some of his best work, and that is saying much.