Memories | Reviewer: W.Harvey | 5/8/14

I grew up listening to Nat King Cole's Christmas songs. His voice captivated me to listen to anything he sang. I have created memories with songs like autumn leaves. Timeless music I love it!!

"The Greatest." | Reviewer: Angus C.M. Condy. | 11/30/13

I have loved Nat "King" Cole's voice , and great musicianship all my life,and I have always maintained that he was the finest singer , and musician of them all . Unfortunately for Nat , he was the wrong colour in "The Land of The Free." Aye , I'm sure ! So many of his recordings have taken their place as timeless classics. A.C.M.C. II. 1305/Sat/30/11/2013.

Nat King of the coolest men's voice ..yesterday and today. | Reviewer: glory from the city of Vienna | 6/7/13

I was then 12 yrs. old when he passed away ..but everytime i heared his song played somewhere or anywhere i have to stopped and listened.He had a unique voice that fascinates everyone..young or old people.I kept on listening and playing his wonderful songs until now..For me ..Nat King Cole is still one of the best singer..musician..pianist.. of all seasons.Mostly of his songs are still popular nowadays.. his music..portraits.. memories remain alive.. thank you Nat for giving us inspirations through your undying,beautiful songs.

There will never be another you. | Reviewer: Isabelle Welsh | 6/2/13

I grew up listening to Nat King Cole. He was truly a beautiful man. He performed at the O'Keefe Centre in Toronto shortly before his death; his final song. with audience participation, was "Ramblin' Rose". Now that my husband has died, "The touch of your lips" can still bring many memories of days gone by. Happy days. He was one of a kind.

Nat Cole as I see him | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/30/11

I have been a Nat Cole diehard since about 1944. He made a whole different career with his vocals, which were, if not great, verry good. But it was his jazz piano that caught me. He was a pianist first, vocalist second. And I don't give Natalie any credit for recalling his image. The way I see it is that she trades on his success. She could do OK on her own but I resent that she made records with her father. That is bogus in my mind. FH

Nat King | Reviewer: Ed | 5/14/09

I am of that "Oh my God are you still alive" stage. I and my Brother have sang Nat's songs for years. Sentimental Rasons is one of our favorites. Nat King Cole was one of the gratest. We had so many wonderful singers, musicians and artists during "our" period of time. The trash we have today is not music. I am proud to have had our time in life. And I am proud to have had the wonderful artists who were able to tell a joke with out using the foul language they use today. If what they do today is Art, then I am sorry for what this world has become. Mr Cole, thank you.

The "Entertainer" and Vocalist Shirley Diamond | Reviewer: Shirley Diamond | 11/29/07

I have had a love for "Nat King Cole" since I was a little girl in the 50's until this day 2007, I sing his songs. My mother introduced me to his music. I am learning the lyrics to "Route 66." I am singing the song this Friday.

Atlanta's on Shirley Diamond