Great Singer, Great Song, and A Great Recipe for Life. | Reviewer: Nick Gallup | 11/22/14

I think Nat King Cole is the greatest singer ever. He lived during a period when our nation was severely afflicted with prejudice, but he sang his way through it and emerged as an American icon. They will be playing his songs a hundred years from now. When Nat sings, it's almost as if he were an acomplished stage actor reading poetry, and reading it very well. No other singer enunciates as clearly and emotionally as Nat. The lyricist for "Nature Boy", David Janowiak, was not a lyricist, but a poet. And what a simple and heart-wrenching philosopy the lyrics convey. What a wonderful recipe for life. To love and be loved in return. Thank you, Nat. Thank you, David. Beautifully done, guys.

great music | Reviewer: Carol | 6/11/14

I am 70 years old and still remember Nat "King" Cole and all his wonderful music at a time when black musicians still were not given enough recognition in this country. I hope those days are past. Whenever I hear "Nature boy", I am simply moved.

Nature boy from Eivør | Reviewer: Tjaak | 9/28/13

Lovers of the song Nature boy,
Of course the song is one of the best from Nat. But did you ever heart the interpretation of the Faroer Island singer called Eivør? She is amazing and not only with this number.....

Life begins | Reviewer: Ron Hanvey | 9/26/13

At the end of the song it should be :

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love The Lord Jesus, and life begins"

Repeat this verse several times rising to a crescendo at the end.

Nature Boy | Reviewer: David L Prince | 9/17/13

I interviewed Nat on my radio show back in the 50's and was quite
surprised when he named "Nature Boy" as his favorite song he had sung. He was a nice man...and "Nature Boy" was a nice song...

Nature Boy... | Reviewer: Tom Scott | 9/1/13

I just finished reading the portion of a Nat King Cole (Nathaniel Adams Coles) biography by Daniel Mark Epstein about this song. My birth year is 1956 and I grew up listening to whatever came on the radio and my parents favorite music. Mom is a Sinatra gal and Dad loved her, so he tolerated Frank. Dad (RIP-10/28/08) was THE Nat King Cole fan. Courtesy of my parents I've heard the best, from the best, but none better than Nat King Cole. This is now my music and Nature Boy is a fine gift to all who love the art and fate involved with bringing it about. My Dad is with me even more when I hear Nat singing.

Rarely Fails Lullaby | Reviewer: Papa | 2/24/13

Don't be afraid to take 'license'. "NATURE BOY" can easily become "NATURE GIRL". As 'your Mama's rich and your Papa's good lookin'...'
All of mine have one or two. Also. They don't seem to mind too much a verse or two of "Hmmm hmmm hmmm" if they need a little more time.

Enchanting and very wise... | Reviewer: Bob Vogt | 12/8/12

Nat's is the definitive version of this song about the ultimate wisdom of life. The man who wrote it lived under the "Hollywood" sign and was homeless for years. Nat hunted him down when the royalties rolled in so he could get the money he so desperately needed.
Funny how as the years roll by the simple things are the truest.

The best | Reviewer: Gil roper | 12/2/12

I am so fortunate to have grown up in the Nat King Cole era. He was myinspiration and I stil sing so many of his great renditions in the mid to late 40s. I graduated at 17 from high school and left or the U S Navy 5 days later. I was on a train for 5 days on my way to boot camp,but I had mu portable 45 rpm player and my favorite records. Mostly Nat and Doris day. I still sing Nature Boy at the drop of a hat. It is priceless. Gil Roper actor/singer. Noe 79 and going strong.

More lines tolyrics???? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/12

When I first heard this beautiful song I had a message that came to me with it that said that I would meet a man like this later on. I sang the lyrics a lot to myself and thought "I hope so", but it seems to me there were more lines than just these. Anyway at the age of 53, after my first marriage was absolutely over, I met a man that filled the bill of this song. Now he is 80 and I am going to sing it for him at his birthday party as well as Tina Turner's "You're simply the best"

corrections | Reviewer: visvas | 3/29/12

Some of the lyrics are missing. repeat--And then one day, a magic day he passed my way, and while we spoke of many things , fools and kings, This He said to me, etc as descibed. This is from the printed lyrics from 1947.

corrections | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/12

Some of the lyrics are missing. And then one day, a magic day he passed my way, and while we spoke of many things , fools and kings, This He said to me, etc as descibed. This is from the printed lyrics from 1947.

Nature Boy | Reviewer: Brian. W | 10/10/11

My late parents loved Nat King Cole,and always played all his records, so I started listening to them as well, and the words of Nature Boy, and the haunting melody appealed to me, and I am now 70, but have never forgotten them, I love this song, and always will.

inefficient google and wiKAPEDIA | Reviewer: jake theramin | 9/28/11


Nature Boy and Smile | Reviewer: Suzan L. | 8/8/11

All of Nat King Cole's tunes were sung by my Mom, as she cleaned our house when I was a kid. The evening of the day she passed,this July 4th,I switched stations on tv from Macy's/ Boston Pops to a local PBS station. About 2 seconds later, Josh Groban came on and started singing "Smile", instead of the usual patriotic songs!! How odd! My boyfriend of 12 years and I just looked puzzled @ each other.Then I broke into tears; in reflecting on that song I took it as a comforting sign from my Mom that she was OK! I looked up Nature Boy today, not knowing that Nat sang this also! I remembered most of the words,since my Mother sang that one as well!! What a nice trip down memory lane; I added it to my Facebook page also.