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Performed by Nat King Cole

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Awesome | Reviewer: Erik | 12/5/08

This song really made "À la folie... pas du tout" (He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not in English) the great movie it was. So many scenes used that song to such an epic effect. I really suggest the movie.
And the song is a beautiful one too :)

love | Reviewer: cecilia | 6/21/08

Yess , i love this song to ! . And the first time i listened to it was from the movie " parent trap " . So i reallt love this song ! Its so powerful . I want to have it on my wedding when i get married . If i get ;P

omg i love this song!! | Reviewer: Ananymous | 3/22/08

OMG i love this song!! I was watching The Parent trap and they keep playing that song and I haven't stop singing it since!! Its been stuck in my head for such a long time, but I dont care because I love it!!!

Love It!! =] | Reviewer: JJ | 3/16/08

I love this song sooo much. I think they should make songs like these for us to listen to today. =] Haha. And for some reason everytime I hear this song I think about the movie "The Parent Trap" =]

omg | Reviewer: ash | 1/31/08

the lines of this song were driving me crazy b/c i couldnt remember them lol its been stuck in my head all day thank good i found this sight to help me out :)

L-O-V-E | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/08

God I love this song so much! It is just perfect... Nat King Cole is really the best, and there's so many reviews for this song! It really is perfect... I can't wait to show this to my girlfriend, I just know that she'll love it

My Child Care loves this song | Reviewer: Cheryl Galvez | 1/4/08

I due day care and I also own a few of Nat King Cole's original albums. I
love this song. I have taught the kids the first verse to this song. and
my 7 month old calms down when I sing it to her. She loves the song too.
Bless Nat King Cole for giving us such a great love song for all ages.
Now a new generation of children are enjoying true classics.

comforting | Reviewer: Cheryl Galvez | 1/4/08

This has been one of my favorite songs. I have
the original album, thanks to my parents. I have
great memories of listening to these classics.
It is a great loss, for music today. I do daycare
and I out of the blues began to sing the beginning
of the song to my 7 month old while she was fussing
and she got comforted by the song and stopped crying.

l-o-v-e | Reviewer: kelsey | 12/20/07

this song is so awsome to bad we cant find the whole song wit word and music . it made my friend fall in love wit the ugliest boy in our school

sweet | Reviewer: Michelle | 11/2/07

I heard an a cappella version in a movie recently, and thought it a beautiful serenade. I knew something was big when a week later, I woke up with this song in my head, and someone in my heart.

Pearant Trap | Reviewer: Alice | 11/1/07

This song is my all time favourite song!!!
I heard it first when i wached the movie pearant trap!! and now when ever i hear it, it reminds me of that movie, and a load of other great times to!!

Rascal Love | Reviewer: Fox | 10/17/07

This is a beautiful song, but I can't help but think of the Little Rascals movie when Darla and Waldo perform this. It's too adorable.

Reminds me | Reviewer: Jessica Y | 10/1/07

I'm in love with a guy...and every time i hear this song i cry and think of him!!....i sang the L-O-V-E part to him's "our" song!!

Thanks Nat!!!(and the writers!!!)

L-O-V-E LY | Reviewer: Anand T | 9/3/07

This song is simply beautiful.. Listen to it once and you'll memorize the lyrics and sing along the next time you hear it.
Ideal for a listening at a candle light dinner with your loved one. If you get a chance listen to this song sung in different languages in his album "The Man and His Music" It's even more beautiful.

Exellent | Reviewer: Nicole Cobb | 6/25/07

i love this song!!!
im singing it for my moms wedding<3
cant wait<3

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