I love you for sentimental reasons | Reviewer: m k sinha ,mumbai india | 1/31/13

One of the great love and romantic songs sung by Nat king cole .I remember having a collection of his songs on a cassette in the early 80s when I had taken up my first job in a Bank in Bombay and I had a resident who lived accross my room (in a lodge) by the name of Jagmeet Singh .He had a record player and a collection of songs (Lps).I owe my interest for these love songs to this person who I have not seen for almost 30 yrs.Listening to this song or even reciting the lyrics after almost 20 yrs is indeed nostalgic and brings back the good old golden days of the 80s.

i love this song for sentimental reason :P | Reviewer: Sunarwaty | 1/15/13

First time i heard this song in Talent show in Indonesia.
the contestant sing "I think of you every morning, remove you every night". i think it must be funny song. than i try to download, well it's different than i ever heard before :D
but, i love this song for sentimental reason :P

Copyrights | Reviewer: Jo Lynn | 1/11/13

This was the first song my father sang to my mother when they were courting. I want to use it in a book I have written about them. How do I get the rights to use the lyrics in my book?

Memories of my parents & older sisters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/26/12

I've known this song for ages since I was very young back in the early 50' s when my sisters had parties at our house. Such a timeless &

song. I remember it also
sung by the Ink Spots who did a beautiful rendition back in the same era of the 50' s

the best song ever created:I love you for sentimental resons by Nat King Cole | Reviewer: Ivana | 10/20/11

This song is one that we not normally hear everyday now on the stations,but this song could speak in so many ways just by reading it and when you get the chases of hearing it you fall in love.This song is real music that creates a magical reaction to anyone.It could be either tears of joy to tell that special someone "I love you"For me this is a song worthy to dance whit it's beat on my wedding day.This is my favorite song.

Memories are great | Reviewer: Evelyn Cruz | 8/11/11

In Puerto Rico before 1952 when Spanish was declares our official language, we learned every single thing in English. Music in the radio was in English. My mother had a beautiful voice and I made her learn this beautiful song to sing it in a duet with Nat or when we were siiting in the porch. I do not know bwhy but this song always made me cry

wedding | Reviewer: Cynthia | 1/21/08

Our friend Betty Ann sang this song beautifully to her groom Gareth during their wedding ceremony in Antigua... on a sunny day, on top of a cliff, overlooking the ocean, waves serving as her back up singers.
Needless to say - there wasn't a dry eye in the place. Wow!

Absolutely The Best! | Reviewer: Conni | 1/19/08

I heard this in my growing up years at Grandma's house. She has all that 40's music which I grew to love which was not what most were listening to in the 70's. I love all of that music but this is definitely one of my favaorites along with "Yours" by Vera Lynn....another one that makes me melt. If you love this from that era... look into more music from that time you will absolutely love it.

Great Song | Reviewer: Steve | 11/3/07

I grew up listening to Nat King Cole as my Parents had a great taste in music. As I got older I grew to love this Music . This song is a perfect love song I play it over and over because it brings back memories. If you like this one go out and buy more Nat King Cole he has many more beautiful songs like this one.

Awesome song... | Reviewer: Lyndsie | 10/14/07

Oh my god I love this song. I heard it once at work on a slow day (we have a jukebox). I hate the stupid jukebox and normally opt to turn it off. But once this song came on I was just drawn to it and now I play it over and over and over every day. I'm eighteen years old and I've fallen in love with a song that's, like, three times my age. The number for the jukebox is 1503 and I'm always asking Connie to request it for me if I'm busy. I'm just like "1503!!" and she laughs. I think of my boyfriend and I just sway all day long to this song. I want to dance with him to this song. I want it to play at our wedding. It's quickly becoming my favorite song. I love love love this song.

THE BEST SONG! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/14/07

On a return trip from the North Shore of Oahu I sang this sont to my date. Now she is my fiance'...can I say more about this song?

terrific song | Reviewer: ronald t. omang | 8/21/07

i love this song vert much, it remind my yesteryears of being single, the memories of the past now being refreash.

i am inspired of this song if we try to chech the lyrics it talks about undying love to a person whom u love you most.

moreover, i would just like to dedicate this song " I love you for a sentimental reasons" to my gurlfriend "Ma. Nikka F. Campo" of ACLC College Tacloban, I love you honey for a sentimental reasons.