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Yes Nas is still the. | Reviewer: philip | 9/5/09

My name is philip, and am from lagos nigeria, from day one and today till tomorrow that i listen to nas, i still can tell that his is the only, the illest M.c, living, yes his the man next to my heart, sometimes i only wonder what use to give all this fake ass motherfucking copy cats like lil wayne young jezzy, etc to mention few the guts to come out and tell the world that the are the best rappers alive. Looking down my list, i can tell to the skies that this cats ain't even got shit, not even up to M.cs like papoose, the Game, petty pablo etc, but how there them, they think they are deceiving the world? but Nas, i can tell you to hold on to your game, never deviate, 'cos people like us are out here listening to you, and those playing Hip hop,.. one love..

Nas is number 1 | Reviewer: Hip Hop | 8/26/09

NAS is seriously on another level with lyrics and mind of the hip hop world. I think NAS represent what hip hop suppose to be and how we should go about to use our music to reach out to people all over the world.

And am looking forward to "Distant Relative" Nas & Damian Marley album i am patiently waiting for it.

Bless up NAS..One Love

NAS THE BEST,MY NUMBER ONE, MY ROLE MODEL | Reviewer: Chiateq | 8/21/09

Lestining to NAS give's me alot of reasoning and so much taught, he real has the skills and what it takes he has a message to present and an advice for everybody and the street he is my best and for ever my role model he songs has meaning. I LOVE YOU NAS... From your number one fan Chiater

Realism | Reviewer: Anthony Davis 89 | 4/7/09

Hey Nas you 2pac(Rest in Peace) are the best who ever touched the microphone and by far the realist. I understand that every body has thier struggles in life but the material you and my man Pac insist on coming out with is by far the realist because it never gets old. Every time I tune in is like the first time and, Furtermore I know you may give credit to somebody else who inspired you but you inspire me in a lot of ways to step my game up as a man; A black man at that. I hate that 2pac dissed you but I like how you still have respect for the brother you Puff and The late Notorious (Rest In Peace)

to rap God........ nas. | Reviewer: lucky omoruyi | 4/6/09

you know wut nas?you are the man! to me,u are d best hip hop rapper in d h-wild wold.i'm so thankful to God 4 bringin you and making you who u are today.who try to contest wit u? Jay-Z? fuck. God son, still matic and lost tape are Gods sent.keep holdin it down bro. 1 love. lucky from nigeria.

Nasier Jones | Reviewer: Ghun | 2/6/09

Nas is fine. His lyrics is one of the best eva. But now, people're followin the commercial hiphop, just about money, flirtin' and sex. Shit, that ain't no hiphop. Now every where I can see stupid headed call Lil Wayne the best, shit, what da fuck is in ya mind? Until hiphop legends like Nas,Em,Ice Cube... release new stuff, I can say that "Hiphop is dead"

Klementyna | Reviewer: Klementyna | 11/29/08

Thanks for a great show. To my dearest Sister, the last two years have taken their toll on you, but not once did I hear you complain and you looked forward knowing what had to be done and accepted what life had thrown at both of you retro kitchen uk Lets talk about recipes, Thanks for your work, admin!

nas is d king | Reviewer: olanrewaju | 8/20/08

am lanre from nigeria.i love nas and everything abt him .his raps,lyris ,real talks and his ways of life.nas is my mentor cos he inspires me.i would like to meet him cos this has been part of my dream since have been listen to his songs.carry on tradition.

new niggaz in the game | Reviewer: pat | 6/17/08

i was listening to that bomb azz niggaz jezzy and he said something smart about hip hop i9s not dead
and he also said that you don"t be in the street
how do you feel when young niggaz like da snow man say something like that?

Nas is like.....G.O.A.T | Reviewer: VINCE | 11/30/07

Would give anything to flow & deliver like u do. my inner man feels u (chemistry, man!).Nas! ur another level rapper; jst' that most fans r superficial. u reprezent tha soul' hip hop aspect.second to none (personal favourite- pac and jay come second).reprezent!

nas king | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/07

'couldn't catch me on the streets without a ton a reefer, thats like malcolm x, catchin the jungle fever'

'bulletholes left in my peepholes, suited up with streetclothes, hand me a nine and al defeat foes'

genius. im a white man from england and this guy speaks to me.illmatic best hip hop record eva by a country mile.

qb | Reviewer: JAM | 8/28/07

Funny, how life is. The way nas's music has developed is paralleled to life. When he used his talents to boast your riches and fame he fell. However, when you are down and out and you humble yourself and regain your identity as nas did by going back to the streets he came up. Ultimately, nas is a very wise person, who is medicine to urban dysfunctional teens. Explaining circumstances as he did in 2nd childhood, i can, and one love, are fantastic. Sometimes people feel alone with the problems many times. Nas seems back for the keeps, thanx to the streets.peace

ABOUT NAS | Reviewer: DON ODHIAMBO | 7/13/07


u are d man | Reviewer: ATTAH | 6/27/07

my dream is to meet a dude like nas,cuz is words are ill.keep doing thing dog.holla.

hi ..... | Reviewer: safeer | 6/24/07

ite nas is 1 sick rapper there is this 1 track which nas rips the shit outta jay z
this track is calle 'ether'listen n he will show u how 'rockafella' turns 2 'cockafella' nas the best rapper

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