oh nigga wat da f*ck! | Reviewer: Ape | 7/8/14

Wut'sup nasir jones? ur ma heart rapper i'm ever dreamin in this crazy world. Havin big place in my heart, i'm cheerin yo right here AFRICA inside feelin totally f*cked up enjoy playin ya song. Ur glory of my day even i'm lookin just weary i switchz headpon on. wishin ta keep it up homey.my nas, stay away from fakeassrappez lil wayne, rick ros ace hood n some i aint nigga just b like r.i.ps esp. pac n health care centa. ya fan n he'll be wit ya at QB Ape in south sudan. hopin ya visit us in this crazy livin home APE

It aint hard to tell that ur the hardest | Reviewer: Tshepo mojahi | 6/15/13

There is no real nigga like you since Big L,Pac and Big,I have much love and respect for man you can even take a trip down to hood they'll tell you that NAS is my favourate emcee no doubt about that.F*CK GAY Z all he ever wanted was to be you and thats were he fell off

The best rapper alive | Reviewer: Latrell D Green | 5/29/13

Nas is one of the most talented rappers ive ever heard of for someone that dropped out of school in the 8th grade the way he spits makes it seem like he was a proffessor at a college most people develop their rapping skill over time but it seems like nas came out with a mike in his hand i dont know of anyone who can step to my nigga in a rap battle and come out on top nas is the next pac and big (Rest in peace) i was a big fan of tupac but i heard the one mic song and from there on out i dont go no day without listening to nas NASIR JONES will always be on top fuck the other people who think different and one more thing im from down south but listening to nas makes me wish i was from Queensbridge Newyork NAS is the best mc there is if u feel like he's not then you aint real and you dont know music real niggas they know music.

Hip pop | Reviewer: Kalsdgreat a.k.a (kalu) a nigerian | 5/8/13

More luv 2 Nas the realiest, illiest, truest, gramatical,lyrical, best thug narator, rap gladiator, microphone heayweight, the undisputed champion. Hip-pop is truely dead! But we are still looking up2 people like Nas, K R S1, rahim to ressurect it. Nas, u are truely a living LEGEND!

To me Hipo Hop is ma musiccal | Reviewer: Hussein Damani | 2/1/13

I love the way this dude keep his life style..
He is among those Hip Hop living legendary, Yah its so sad when you guys split up with Kelis..but that how life it is.. On top of dat you are the best Hip Hop ever..Am looking forward your Visit to Tanzania if its not rumous, It would be nice if you kidnap Damian marley and bring him here with you..ahahahah..Junior Tuff Gong mi a sei one love brethren...

book of rhymes | Reviewer: Innocent chidamoyo from Zimbabwe. | 6/16/12

Mr nas i discover u music mid last year listen 2 u song- Hero 4rm my freind mp3 play ,ever since i am crazy about ur music,ur lyrics are powerful,educative.i luv ur style u are so chilled....i am down -Africa ,Zimbabwe.

The Best Rapper Ever! | Reviewer: LefiZ | 10/20/11

Yo'Nas you're the best Hip Hop Star ever listened apart from 2pac n Big R.I.P. Non of your songz is meanin'less just like 2Pac, keep it up. U'll always be the best! and nigga' If I could give one thing in life, I love U 2 d core n U'll always be my favourite one.....

sons of Hiphop 4 life!!! | Reviewer: Rodriguez | 4/19/11

Gotta say Im hiphoppically made by my Big names like Nas,2pac,B.I.G,Jayz,kanye west among others but Nas is tha man i really respect,thank God we such people in this world....Big up man lets make ourselves shine more & preach peace even beyond this earth...tha boy Rodriguez frm Kenya,one love...peace!

NO ONE 2 REPLACE! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/11

World spin, n a lot of Mc's come n go,but Nas still a # 1 rap artist on my list-that no one will ever pic tht #, low profile life style he live,lyrical gifted,a lot to mention -most impontant is i feel him to tha fullest words can't xplain, tho i was kinda disapponted wen they go separate ways with Kelis,bt in life we can't escape drama..4ever Nas.
Yo' boy James G.G frm Tanzania

My Earthed Dew (Role Model) | Reviewer: Godwin Amedo Yaw (Bostorm) | 10/26/10

Nas is marked as second side genius of 'Hard Core Rap', well furnished with the knowledge of sparking the brain of the down fall ommited fellas. Apart from the two R.A.P monsters 2Pac/B.I.G he has the portentials of both the legends especially pac. Me voting Nas Being the rap king i dont think is doubtful cuz he is doing his best in the spittin of knowledge. Doesn't waste time talkin bout bling bling and gunz. He is straight outta gut. He must be crown king of New York,ny. And non materialised rap.

a true rapper | Reviewer: rubs | 5/14/10

since the birth of rap there hasn't been a rapper like u nas.you don't only entertain but educate,influence your listeners with your poetic lyrics.yiu are the most talented icon in this business.one luv nas,it's your boy rubs from cameroon

I call him my mentor | Reviewer: Joe | 5/6/10

I call him my mentor in most if not all tracks there is just some advice that guides me. My dream is for him to be idolized ,respected and honured like i see him whenever he reaches his purpose in hip hop..."am black and powerful...we wil neva die we are lyk cockroaches"

de best mc alive | Reviewer: kujar | 12/22/09

am ghanaian and became a hip pop fun the late 90s.infact nas has eva remain de truest and realistic hippop lyricist.he spit on almost evry tin from religion,politics,history, de street etc.nas was and still is a great poet full philosophical rhythm and rhymes.he is a legend next 2 pac. he is a soldier and a mentor. he wil always b remembered.

Nas is rap king | Reviewer: Abiri Abdul-Afeez | 10/13/09

Is there any rapper like nas, i dont tink so. I'v wartch people like weezy, young junk and this so called young boys call their self rappers, well is not their fault hip-hop is dead so what do u expect. R.I.P Tupac, B.I.G.

My Favorite Music True Artist in the Buisness | Reviewer: Chelsey | 9/28/09

Im 17yrs old and its a dailey struggle out here for me period.I luv how nas just goes and is way more on top.Hes so gone and he doesnt flash his Ego.He does what he does because thats what he loves to do.If he didnt they he wouldnt be as successful as he is today.He makes it clear as day that anything you want to achieve and its possible.He made it up out of Queens like for real.He had his set backs like we all have.Nas seperates himself from all the background ish.And shows the essence of a MasterMind.
His words are crazy his vocabs.He is the best Poet.A rapper just Entertains.He makes things possible to see further and further.I luv his style but i luv the most he talks about the envirement,Polotics,struggles,kids,sex, he gives u knowledge that no artist gives you he lays it out fully and when he brings it its to the top he brings everything.Theres nothing that he cant spit on.He continues to shine to this day.Soo people out there make it happen.Theres a way out for everybody.He is a story of a living dream.Im an arist as well so it opens my eyes.Luv you Nas

Chelsey,Angel dust
Sending all my luv and support