love this song | Reviewer: jenny | 1/15/2008

i never understood who turned out these albums for her she had the voice she had the stuff to make it better and yet they never got released if you listened to lies, as tears go by granted a re mix from others but nancy had the voice for it so long babe a hit if he loved me a hit run for your life a hit and leave my dog alone i loved that one but then again i was only a kid at the time

Hola | Reviewer: Soledad | 8/29/2007

I ten so A like de song you only live twice. Mas I ten so que you es comin teenager. You es socha de cool persona I like de Nancy Sinatra. Que quiere mi agha. You es socha de stupid man. Mi amor de Nacy Sinatra. I ten so you es sochu comin teenager. Porque you alike de Nancy Sinatra