The making of a ever lasting memory | Reviewer: Lucy | 5/12/2008

Iam 25yrs old and i have known this amasing song all my life and it is built in to me and will be with me forever. My mum when i was young taped Mistrals Daughter off the Tv and myself and my Mother over the years have watched them video's more times than i can count on my fingers! I loved playing the piano as a child and my aim was to one day find the music for 'Only Love' and play it exceptionally, unfortunatly due to timing and life changes, it has not been possible yet but one day i plan to make it happen!
It is not just myself in the family that is fasinated with the song but also my sister who is 20yrs older then me she had it played on the organ when she walked up the aisle 25yrs ago.
Ive known the words off by heart for years, and this song always comes into my head and i just start singing away. i find the words very deep, meaningful and powerful.
"I think that..."The greatest thing you could ever learn is to love and be loved in return"! and this song outlines love in general, it is a great love song.

A Strong Feeling | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/21/2006

This song makes you feel what the artist is saying, makes you feel what she thinks about love. The tone, accent are very strong, give you a strong feeling about the indispensability of love. She seems to be complaining, and this makes you feel love makes her suffer as much as it makes her wonder in admiration.