never give up | Reviewer: Anthony | 12/2/10

Hay namie its Anthony agen i love the new album my favorite song form your newest album is the Meaning Of Us. your music its SO AWSOME thanks to u im learning Japanese now and im still planing on movieing to Tokyo. i just turned 16 and i got a plane ticket to viset japan. i think u should come to the USA and have a tour here so your fans can have enjoy some live music from u. so please come to Michigan.

concerning music | Reviewer: redlove | 7/15/09

seriously, I think amuro has a lot of talent, and she has a beautiful soul, so I appreciate that alot. She has a great will, so, it was painful for me to know that she conformed with sam and accepted a child and marriage. It would have been so great for her, if she could have been helped out by Tetsuya in writing or composing, because I know how great she would be. I hope she starts doing it soon. And I hope she learns English or another language more too..... from a humble fan...

Namie is the greatest | Reviewer: Anthony Quezada | 6/23/09

Namie u r so cool i hope you read this in person. Your music has realy inspiered me. Beacuse of you i LOVE japanesee music;your the only one i lised to. L.O.L Thanks to you i want to learn japanesee and move to Tokyo. I know it sounds strange a 15 year old wants to move to japan. whell over here it dose. I hope you dont think im a nother fan that just like your music.........Do you? never minde that. you should play in a move i think you'll be a great acter. NEVER quit your singing cerear!


A Message To Ms Namie Amuro From Malaysia | Reviewer: John Alex Wong Tze Vook | 8/13/07

Dearest Ms Namie Amuro,
You are really a wonderful singer. I like to listen to your soon although I don't understand the meaning
of your songs because I don't speak Japanese. Good luck and be happy always. Bye.