fuck love | Reviewer: sag gurl | 12/22/07

well diz song itz real kool my ex 2 days bfore he broke up with me he told my bestfriend dat he liked her well now he wants me back!!!!i gave him another chance nd we happy right now bt i dnt fell da same wid him nd he left my bestfriend in luv wid him wat goes around cums back around so yea now i dnt belive in true love so fuck love!!!!!!love u jesus my 1 and only !!!!!

i lovee him <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/07

this song is soo true about me and my boyfriend .. i feel like everything is changing and i love him with all my heart <3

I love this song .. but it leaves me bad memorys .. =[ | Reviewer: Gaby Marquez | 11/14/07

This is like going on with me .. and my ex bf right now we were going out for 1 year. And then people were saying i was cheating on him with his bestfriend [[ but i wasnt ]] but then he dumped me .. =:[ .. and now all the time i try to talk to him .. he either walks away or he just says hi and looks away and goes with his other friends. He's still in my heart through. And the thing that really kills me was the next day after he dumped me .. he got a new gf .. =:[ .. it seemed like he never loved me. And i was there for him all the time. No matter what it was. And so .. he went his own way .. while mine was broken ..

this song | Reviewer: josh | 11/12/07

this is basically whats going on with me and my gf,or ex gf right now.we were going out for more than a year and she just threw it all away.i still love her with all my heart and soul.she is my one and only

the first verse | Reviewer: stevie lynn | 11/7/07

Its so sad to me because this is basixally what happend to em or what i feel like what happend..Like the part where he says he felt the same way to but nothing stays the same that what my ex told me like 2ays after he broke up with me.I dont understand it the guys from NB ridaz make love seem like its real but so far guys make it seem like there is no such thing as REAL love because after we broke up he moved on and acted like all the months we were together meant nothing but ive been stuck on our breakup for almost 2 months now...WHY??

NOtice me | Reviewer: Giovanny | 9/1/07

yea this song made me cry.stupid song.

i play this song over and over agaain.
it reminds me of my ex on how i practillay gave her anything

=P | Reviewer: Jesseeka | 8/24/07

this song makes me sad cuz wen me n my boyfriend were fighting he put this song on my myspace n it makes me sad to think he thinks i dnt notice him ='[[

hit me up on aim

irish babexx7

wow.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

i listen to this song every night and i fall asleep to it, it reminds me so much of my ex its crazy..hes my one n only love...

cool song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/07

this song is so cool reminds me of my ex girlfend
but its ok now we have made up from all that hatred stuff allgood

Notice me | Reviewer: Citrus | 8/2/07

Man, this song is amazing. I loved it to pieces. It describes almost every bit of the relationship I had with someone who I lost. I gave him everything, loved him endlessly, and he didn't even notice me at all. We were friends, he looked after me, took me in.. but he kept pushing me away. Ah man I'm rabbling on now, anyways, good song!!

sexy babe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/07

ifly this song!!!!!! my favorite!!! make more songs! keep up the good work

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!! | Reviewer: mrs.munoz | 6/8/07


i love this. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/27/07

i love this song. it makes me think of how i used to be, and i can really relate to it.

I love this song | Reviewer: kelly | 4/21/07

i love this song because it remmbres me of my ex and he is the only one who i love. and i will always love him.

I love this song | Reviewer: kelly | 4/21/07

i love this song because it remmbres me of my ex and he is the only one who i love. and i will always love him.