Notice me | Reviewer: ari | 4/18/05

i love THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My boyfriend dedicated this song to me now we're going out i cried when i heard this song

oh my gosh | Reviewer: breana molina | 4/13/05

well first of all I love this song so much and I cried when I heard it and it made me think of someone who used to be really special to me .

Best Song Ever | Reviewer: Brenda | 3/15/05

I love the song notice me and the song pretty girl NB Ridaz are always coming up with the best songs.I can't wait to hear another one!!!

AWESOME! | Reviewer: Yolanda | 3/12/05

These guys really know how to tug at a girl's hearstrings....They know exactly what to say, and this song by far is their best....I love Notice Me.....

Notice me By NB Ridaz | Reviewer: Elsa | 2/20/05

this is such an awesome song words couldn't even explain it to me!! "Pretty Girl" was my favorite song at the beginning when i started listening to them now my favorite song is "Notice Me" its such an awesome song and hope everyone that listens to it thinks the same!!!