princess | Reviewer: oscar garcia | 8/5/14

i would like to tell my beautiful girl Batseba that i love her with all my heart... i want to see thosbeautiful eyes always i want to kiss her mouth for ever

PRINCESS | Reviewer: oscar | 8/3/14

i would love to dedicate this song to my beautiful girl....afte 13 years i get the chance to see her again and we fell in love .we love each other..but we have to go different ways again now we just counting the days to get together and for ever her name is BATSEBA

Lost in love | Reviewer: Anonimous | 2/5/14

Her name is Kelly pretty,sweet,strong smart my best friend I love her until the end she loves spending time with our little one we Ben married for 3 years on Valentin's day will be our 3rd year

Suleybear | Reviewer: Kaushik Nair | 11/17/13

Loves to play soccer, loves to eat chocolate covered almonds, loves to be cuddled and loved by her one and only turtle. Always want that true love and see no other gurl in my eyes but her. She loves make jokes and make people laugh. Always care for others and makes other people happy. I love her so much I think of her every minute every day and I wanna spend the rest of my life with her. shes my bear and im her turtle!

i wanna love you | Reviewer: melody grijalva | 8/16/11

my boyfriends name is jason roye sullivan i love him so much i wanna have his kids he has beautiful brown eyes and i wanna know how much he loves me and i love him so much i would die for him i would do anything for him his mi corazon and everytime i see him my feelings get deeper and my name is melody lynn grijalva

chrisangel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/5/10

His name is Chris. He's 8 1/2 years older than me but we dont even notice the age difference. We went through 8 months being kept apart by my parents. Now it's been 2 years and we live together and my family loves him. I love him. He's my best friend. He's my everything. I just want him to know that even though we have fights and bad times i still love him and will never stop. I'm his forever.

Love you alex | Reviewer: Nuvia | 11/23/09

Just want to let my boyfriend alex know that he iz my everything and that i love him so much that thiz 10 encredibel monthes we have be together i have love ther are encedebl that am happy he still with me .I wana thank him for not leaving me when my mom told hom to .I dont care how old you are baby I love you so much Me and you allwayz and for ever. Nuvia and Alex

lost in love | Reviewer: rose | 11/3/08

he's name is carlos.. even that he is younger. he teach me how to be romantic i always was afraid to love again for whatever they did to me on my past... say i love you or miss you it was hard to me, he the most romantic poetic boy that drives me crazy. he even found my special place to make me melt for him.hes deep voice and big butt OMG .... i love this boy a lot!

lost in love | Reviewer: amaris | 7/10/07

2 my love miguel angel murillo.he is faithful,loveable,he is my everything,pretty brown eyes ,sexy body,our boy name is christian angel murillo,AND I KNOW HE IS COMING HOME SOON!I LOVE HIM A LOT AND I WILL DIE 4 HIM!!

prrety lady | Reviewer: SAM | 8/11/06

I just wanted to dedicate something special to my lady cuz there is just no one else like here.