so pretty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/06

this song is very pretty the words are very well known and they do meant something to me. EVERY GIRL should listen to this song to feel good when something bad happened between you and your boyfriend.

I Love This Song Soooo Much | Reviewer: Nita Lay | 2/15/06

This song is juss great!!!! I mean I love it a lot!! Radoi Stations should still play this song even though it is old!!

UH... | Reviewer: Tay | 7/29/05

This song is really cool, but to the last person who said something we REALLY didnt need to know that.

this is me and my husbands song | Reviewer: chasity | 3/31/05

i love this song it repreasents everything me and my husband feel for each other