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wishing to know what's behind the name mystikal. | Reviewer: teddianal~d~mushiy | 8/23/13

i like each move you take, word you speak. i just wish i could rap like you, i mean coppying your style,arranging and spittin hot words like you do. am your number one from southern africa/livingstone zambia, in linda compound A:157. wishin to meetchya before your death. may God be with you.

Who was your number on inspiration?!!!!!! | Reviewer: Justice Miller | 5/17/13

Not only do I love your music Mr. Mystikal I love your style and wonder still though how was you able to go through that pain with your siblings passing away? I mean how tough was life was for you when you was a shawty? Your my most favorite rapper!!! But seriuosly who was the number 1 inspiration for you

Knowing about his life | Reviewer: Felcia Givens | 7/13/08

He is my favorite artist. I am so crazy about him. I want o know more about him. Where he is from. Do he have children. His age. What was his childhood like. How did he come about o make his music.

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