symone | Reviewer: symone | 11/1/2008

what up gurl you show him you aint taken non of his mess and keep up yo good work i luv yo video gurl you did a fantastic job this yo biggest fan oh yeah when you cath him beat his azz for you waisting yo gas money keep doing yo thing and gurl you already know do it big.Symone yo biggest fan,luv you.

that's the shit | Reviewer: kissler | 11/10/2007

mya do ya thing i luv that song show him make sure u bit his ass when u get him for wasting ur money on gas and on him gurl u look o ok in that video keep the great work up ure very talented u also have a great voice show beyonce what u got stay in shape imma try my best to sing like u peace out

Learn from the song/ Chezbrgr. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/2007

Show him the way to Job Corp or the Army not you pillow, you are not the red cross or good well, or are you?
Learn from what you hear, a lot of songs have messages in them. Listen and Read for a better life. Tell it Mya I love this song!

this the shit for nigga thats playing these dum as girls | Reviewer: tequila | 8/20/2007

this the shit for niggas thats playing these dum as girls

meter's wifey | Reviewer: kierra | 8/11/2007

yeah u kno who it is mrs kenney dis shit is hot!do ya thang mya

THis Is my Shyt | Reviewer: Keshia | 7/25/2007

I luv this song!!! Its so true and real .I've done everything Mya mentions in this song. B4 i began to cheat or my dude and I get into it I play this Song .He hates it......I guess the truth hurts!!!!!!

this is my jam!! | Reviewer: KaMona | 7/19/2007

This is my jam because when my nigga pisses me off and I feel like i'ma cheat on his ass i play this song to calm me down!!! This is my song fo'real fo'real!!