Reviews for You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison Lyrics

Performed by My Chemical Romance

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Yeah | Reviewer: ----- | 10/6/07

Umm I read the comments up the top and I thought to myself WOW!
Look Alison.Youre 11 and thats different to a 13 yr old.I love MCR!I love Gerard Way!They are gods and so is he.Yeah sometimes I wish that he was with me. But I dont stand a chance with him coz he's married.I dont love him for his looks.Ok all those girls in my class like Gerard or Frankie coz theyre hot!You need to get over the looks and love them from the inside not the outside!The inside matters not the outside!I love MCR!He's older than me for 17 years and I still love him!The age doesnt matter!And from what I read Alison...youre really not a fan if you like Gerard for his looks.Yeah he's beautiful!But his quotes and etc.Thats what matters.

MCR | Reviewer: Sam | 10/4/07

I love this song. =] Frank's giggle is so cute!
I love this bands music, it's something kinda 'mazing!!
But I gotta say; I'm Not OK (I promise) is my all time fave.

alison | Reviewer: ------------------------ | 9/26/07

You know alison your a real fuck off. I dont know what the fucking fuck is your problem but your a real fuck off. obviously you were bottle fed. YOU NEED TO KEEP YOU FUCKING FAT ASS FACE OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES AFFAIRS. Did i mention that i think your a fucking fucker? You obviously have no idea who THE FUCK YOUR DEALING WITH! Next time you decide that your going to beat up on fan girls dreams call me so i can come out AND BEAT YOUR FUCKING FACE. I throw shit at people like you. If you havent already gotten your ass kicked by a high schooler your going to have a fucking fun time when i get through with you. LISTEN BITCH, YOUR FUCKING AROUND WITH THE BIG GIRLS AND NOW YOUR GUNNA GET IT. PULL THE FUCKING BROOMSTICK OUT OF YOUR FAT ANAL RETENDANT ASS AND GET THE FUCK OVER IT. YOU HAVE SOME SERIOUS PROBLEMS SO GO FUCK YOUR DAD. I DONT LIKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU...MATTER THE FACT I LIKE TO PUT PEOPLE LIKE THAT ON MY HIT LIST.

:D Heh heh... Me again | Reviewer: Alison | 9/22/07

Gerard's married now, actually. He and Lyn-Z, bassist for Mindless Self Indulgence, wed the night after the last day of Projekt Revolution, which was September 3rd. So now all your little fangirl celebrity crush dreams are destroyed. Ha ha. I laugh at you silly girls... And possibly, boys. Hey, it's your preference.

Oooh, guess how old I am, the one setting you fangirlies straight? ELEVEN. FUCKING. YEARS. E. LEV. EN. And I don't fantasize about a man 19 years older than me, although a few of my friends do... But that's not the point. I am hooked in reality, not some fantasyland where I'm the one married to Gerard.

Although... If I was like 20 or something, I'd probably, because then I'd be old enough to have some sort of chance with him. Don't get me wrong, I love his face, and I think he's cute. BUT I AM NOT OBSESSED WITH HIM, I am obsessed with HIS BAND. And if you were real fans, you would feel the same way.

Fuck sincerely,

Alison xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I luff this band! | Reviewer: Alison | 9/22/07

I love this song, and My Chemical Romance! Earlier at the mall, I was sad because my dad wouldn't buy me this MCR shirt I really liked that was at Hot Topic. I have LOTMS now, and I love it :D

And how is Gerard just a pretty face? If not for him, THERE WOULD BE NO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE. So I'll be mad if someone says that he is.

Although, I do like the Black Parade album more.

Fuck sincerely,

Alison xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WOW | Reviewer: me | 9/21/07

WOW!! this song is great, but I i think the first album is better, is more rock and not comercial rock....
Ray is the most important part of the band! his solos are great and gerard its just a pretty face... ¬¬

MCR | Reviewer: Justin | 9/4/07

There is more than just Gerard in this band there are 4 other people. Without all these other people you wouldnt even get to see your precious Gerard, so i think they deserve some recognition too

Bert? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/07

Sounds like Frank laughing in the end; you can even hear him laughing the line, "they make me do push-ups in drag" as he and Gerard (w/ Ray most likely) sing. If you listen to Pencey Prep, you'll recognize Frank's screaming, as he's doing in this song.

oi | Reviewer: PunkRocker | 8/31/07

woo i luv this song, gerard's not engaged, mikey (his bro) is n he actually just got married n who the hell is burt?? he's not in the band ???*confused* anyway best album great song

rock on n peace out

sprack | Reviewer: shmoggii | 8/28/07

This is the best band in the world and Gerard is indeed sexxiest. but... everyone knows that so yeah. woo!

Mcr, not Gerard Way. | Reviewer: Summer | 8/26/07

well yeah this song is almost my favorite for three cheers for sweet revenge [which is their best album yet!]
Girls, MCR is not just about Gerard Way
Sure he's hot but he's also engaged.
Bummer right? too bad for you.
you never had a chance
MCR = Best band ever.

Awsome Song | Reviewer: Rachel Steele | 8/15/07

This song is wicked. Its from their old album but one of my favs by them (L) and berts giggle is sexy. lol. And i love

"Do you have the keys to the hotel?
Cause I'm about to set this mother fucker on fire!
Right now!
Life is but a dream!
For the dead
And well I, I won't go down by myself
But I'll go down with my friends!"

that part of the song. (Y)

Wicked | Reviewer: Rae | 8/9/07

Lol wicked. I love bert. Hes so funny nad travels with gerard a lot on tours and stuff like that. And remember my motto: Gerard way is all the way around sexy !! And you know it ;)

Amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/07

This is amazing! the album of course, this one was by far the best!
MCR are the most talented songwriters ever in my opinion!
There songs are just... amazing!

the best band EVER!!! | Reviewer: ally | 8/1/07

oh my god i LOVE my chemical romance, BEST BAND EVER!! this song is cool, and of course gerard is TOTALY HOT!!!! luvvvvv uuuuu <33333

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