Gay? I think not. | Reviewer: Shanice | 11/11/05

This song is probably one of the best songs in the album. Great music with great lyrics. A perfect combination.

Anyway, Gerard Way is NOT GAY. He has a girlfriend for Pete's sake!

Gay? | Reviewer: Katelin | 9/6/05

he's not gay, nor is he bisexual.. he's said it millions of times in different places.. he writes his own songs but To The End is not a reference to it.. it's just a good song to rock out to and get the meaning of two rich people who have seperate lives and come in the end to die, come on.. you all know that story line :) great song.. great great song

To The End | Reviewer: Kat | 9/5/05

This is a really good song and it's one of my favorites but i do not think that gerard(the singer incase you didn't know) was implying that he was gay himself. But who knows? He may not have even written the song himself, although he usually does write his own songs. But I seriously doubt that he is gay...If you wanna talk some about my chemical romance or gerard way or whatever, email me.

Good song | Reviewer: Devin | 6/9/05

Well it doesnt say that the singers gay, the person referenced in the song is. If this is the singer who knows so you cant base your decision hes gay on just that =P. The song is good, I like the 90's rock style guitar riff's they use.

My Favourite Song. =) | Reviewer: Elena | 4/16/05

It's my favourite song on their album, and its really cool.
Well, I never knew he was gay himself, but thanks for the info?

To The End | Reviewer: Mike | 12/28/04

I think this is one of the best songs on the album. The lyrics for it are basically dead on; this is the song that basically tells you that he's gay explains the entire album