hmmm | Reviewer: CoDy | 8/3/07

eh doods My ChEmIcAl RoMaNcE rocks to death my fav song is give em hell kid from 3 cheers for sweet revenge i dont really care who likes mcr as long as they like them

fucking best | Reviewer: mcrlover. | 7/27/07

well i think im one of there biggest fans.
i hear there music all day long
and been to projekt revolution
[im going again this year]
i loved them since
i brought you my bullets you brought me your love.

and my favorite


are honey this mirror isnt big enough for the two of us

and cancer


i hate how posers just like them after the black parade they arent real fan just trend followers.

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE | Reviewer: caitlin | 7/26/07

OMG my best friend well one of them lydia (cherry) loves My Chemical Romance and so i listened to them to see wat the fus was and man i fell in love with them.



MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE | Reviewer: jayR | 7/19/07

Well i'm not so raKiZtA but i'd really lyk the band of my chemical romance cause their all song was so fantastic for me,, I lyk the song i'm not okay, famous last word, black parade, and this is how i disappear i know naman na alam nio na kung anong band ang kumanta nyan Xempre wala ng iba kundi MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!! I LUV THE BAND ,,, (Exactly or not exactly wat do u think)???

OMG OMG OMG OMG | Reviewer: Logan | 7/3/07

This is my favourite MCR song ever not including the sharpest lives of course!


that was pretty good but i think that u should have the music so u can hear hte tune!!!

shiT | Reviewer: ivanhoe | 6/23/07

i really love this song! the music,vocals, everything! probably one of the best songs of My Chemical romance!!!!!!!!!!!

Addictive | Reviewer: Sami | 6/17/07

I love this song so much...This Is How I Disappear, Helena and Famous Last Words are songs I can really relate's like when I listen to them, I can visulise them! Hehe

fucking awesome | Reviewer: _Piece | 6/11/07

MCR tells the whole storie of my romance life.
Sometimesis scarry a bit cuz it realy tells good..

go MCR!!!!!!!!!!!

i don t love this song | Reviewer: romance | 5/11/07

i love metal and rock but this is week i dont like this song but they have colls songs but that it s a complete disrespect

so goodbye

My God!!! | Reviewer: Black pain | 5/6/07

A damned beautiful song! I just want to say: Thanks! Thanks for all the emotions you give me everytime i hear your special and brilliant music! Thanks for you... after i discovered this band, i'm changed: now i'm a powerful soul of dark!!

My Chemical Romance | Reviewer: Nicole | 5/3/07

OMG! My Chemical Romance is SO AMAZING! They get you hooked to rock. They know what's going on inside a kid's mind and they express it through their music....THAT'S LIKE THE MAIN REASON WHY THEY ARE SO ADDICTING!..and cuz their hot! Yesterday I found out that some of the band members got foode poisoning and had to cancel their concerts. Hope they get beeter! =]

heeeeeemmm.....? | Reviewer: PaaWii | 5/4/07

i think this is one of the best songs i ever all songs from the black parade.....really-my chemical romance r the best....i love u all....take care....;););););)...mwaaaaaaaaa

GO | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/07

This songs amazing! I cant help but go on a neckbraking headbang every time i ehar the GO!

I luv it!! | Reviewer: nessa | 4/24/07

Okay first and for most i would honestly like to say that MCR is my favoritest band in the WHOLE WIDE UNIVERSE!! I swear on all of my MCR posters and for peeps that know me they know i am telling the truth when i say that!! n-e-ways... this song is very very Kool and for people who dont like it.... thats your mistake cuz your missing out on some goood stuff!!:) did i mention i LUV MCR!!?????!!!