9/11 if I'm not mistaken... | Reviewer: Catherine~ | 2/26/13

First of all, the person who wrote the one called 'Solid Jake'....I have no respect for you. Emo stands for the kind of music 'emos' listen to. Emo stands for emotive hard core, look it up. Sound like 'sofft rock'? I think not...
Anyway, I'm pretty sure this song is about 9/11. The band formed around that time, it makes sense.Being alone forever because he lost someone dear to him. I actually only think this song is about 9/11 because the lyrics go along with that if you were in the scenario of losing someone due to 9/11, it relates to me.
So basically I think this song's lyrics mean whatever you want them to mean. If it helps you, it helps you.

The lyrics are Gnostic | Reviewer: Knowledge not Yah is the Whe | 11/26/11

Like many films and songs, the lyrics are trying to convey a message. A message being lost on the general public. A message that the author is not consciously aware they are even conveying.

The lyrics are Gnostic (not of the Christian variety). Some would say illuminated if you catch my drift. The third paragraph gives this away. This is a re-curring theme. It is trying to tell us something. We are slaves to the psychopathic powers-that-be. But we have the will to let go, it just lies dormant.

Solid Jake | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/11

This is an amazing song. So much heart poured into it... But all these people talking about how it's "emo" ugh. Emo music is soft rock that relates sad or very personal details of the life of who wrote the song. This isn't that. The lyrics go with a central theme that each album has. If you want to go throwing labels, it's... Gothic rock. Alternative. Not emo

Amazing song | Reviewer: Baby Lucille | 9/3/11

Well,this s0ng f0r me is definitly unforgettable. The lyrics, music, theme and the voice are full of emotion. I'd rather sit alone listen to this song than going outside talking to nonsense people. I'm not one of the emotional human being but i love being like them. They simply show the real meaning of love and hurt. Thats it. Hope you like it also.chill^^

Bruce Willis mode ACTIVATE | Reviewer: Mason | 6/26/11

In my opinion, in this song, the narrator is dead and is trying to communicate to his love his regrets. A séance, things she should never know, un-explaining the unforgivable, etc. Words he thought he'd choke on could possibly be "I'm sorry." "Drain all the blood an give the kids a show" makes me think of embalming a corpse for a funeral, and him saying he's more like a ghost could have a literal meaning, or could imply that he's more of a memory now, which would imply that "Without you is how I disappear" means that without her memory of him, there's nothing left of him. I also believe he's wishing that she can avoid the same fate as him. Things he's done she should never know could refer to dying, as it's a horrible experience he doesn't want her to ever feel. Also he asks if it's really true that "all the good girls go to heaven" so he can be reassured that she won't walk alone like he does. Actually, that line could reverse the roles, in that the woman is dead. That would explain drowning boys and girls inside her bed as people dying in her same hospital bed and the doctor walking among the "living dead" or hopeless patients. Possibly cancer patients, because cancer is a very famous disease and there's also the point that cancer is another song on the album.

Whichever way you look at it this song is very open to interpretation. Sorry for the lack of organization but I was interpreting this song on the fly :P

But what does it MEAN? | Reviewer: Another MCR groupie... | 4/2/11

I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and think for a minute. Whether this is emo or punk or alt-rock or goth makes NO f**king difference. And what this one song means doesn't matter either. The entire album as a whole needs to be looked out before it will come into focus.

One thing I love about MCR is....each of their albums seems to have a THEME. Not just a theme, but it tells a story. Fascinating really. Reminds me a lot of the Cure. But I digress.

The Black Parade is an album that at its CORE is about death. Not just "regular" death music (is there such a thing?), but the PROCESS of dying. I have seen it written that it is about someone dying from cancer. Believable enough. If you look at each song in this context, it makes a lot of sense. The songs are about love, and loss, and the fear of leaving....both the familiar and that/those which you love.

Yes, I agree that at first listen, it very much sounds like a "love" song. In it's own MCR kind of way. But I highly encourage you all to let go of the labels because they are really meaningless....and just LISTEN. Appreciate MCR for the music, the voice, the rhythm, the passion. But listen to the lyrics, pay attention to the theme (of each of their albums). Suddenly MCR goes from an awesome band to a BRILLIANT band.....imho...

To all of you poser hating posers | Reviewer: Dustin | 12/22/10

To call this song emo, is posing. No lie. :3 But.. isn't calling posers, posing in a way too? Because you're posing about hating posers.. when you're just like them. And since i'm writing this i too am a poser, poser hating poser.. So it'd be a never ending chain. o.O ...But yeah. I love this song ^-^ It's really...different from a lot of thier work. It makes me think of love rather than hardcore lifestyles and blah blah like that. I say its really great work. A+ Song.

Emo or Not | Reviewer: Slipknot | 3/10/10

well im not interested in emo but it doesnt mean that i should ignore this song and its lyrics just because of being emo, Emo has its fans and i think anyone that cares about music must show some respect to all genres and it fans
Don't Steal Music!

Best song ever! | Reviewer: Madison | 1/16/10

I love this song and alomst all of their songs, and no, i'm not some stupid poser liking it to try to be "emo" because i loved this song before i ever even knew "emo" was a word. And to all the posers looking this up trying to be what you think is "cool"...GO BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!! hehe XD Thank You! Love Madison.

Its either this or "Cancer" for my monologue...Hmm... | Reviewer: Hayllie | 9/21/09

I've been a fan for quite some time, basically I started liking them very much when I first heard "Welcome to the Black Parade", and no, i'm not one of those little posers that just like the album "The Black Parade" and only like one song off of it, I actually have every single song I can buy by them on my i-pod O.o I was just like 9 or something so I was like the super hardcore girl in the 4th grade XD
~Personally I like all 3 albums...But ANYWAYY.
I had to look up the lyrics for this...I've got to do a monologue for Drama class-Its either this song or "Cancer", which is also a gusher...Hmm...Can't decide D: I love both of those songs...

'Emo' For the LOSE | Reviewer: ThepureLight | 8/5/09

I never understood how people say 'I don't like this song... It's emo...' First of all, emo is not an insult... It in no way constitutes itself as an insult... I understand if you truly don't like the song, but not liking it because it's 'emo' is not acceptible... If you believe that 'emo' is an insult, then you are an idiot and are not worthy of reading this review... The song is great, and if you don't like it because it's 'emo' then you can go die... It would be doing everyone a favor... Thank you...

awe-inspiring. | Reviewer: austere | 4/18/09

this song is just amazing. Gerard lets out his soul with every line of every one of his songs, but this one just appeals to me on a completely different level. the whole band pours their souls into this song in a way that sends tremors through me. i've never heard of a band more dedicated, more free, more open than they are.

just amazing.

Really good song.. | Reviewer: TheSkaPunk | 4/3/09

I'm not a huge fan of MCR, but I love this song.. especially because of the person it reminds me of. I think any of you who can read can guess what I'm sayin'; it reminds me of the 'one' in my life, y'know?

Oh Yeah... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/09

This song always reminds me of home. And Gerards voice when he sings the bridge (Can you hear me cry out to you? Words I thought I'd choke on. Figure out I'm really not so with you anymore. I'm just a ghost so I can't hurt you anymore...etc.) makes be melt like butter on hot cement. I believe that this song is about trying to make yourself feel comfortable with a bad situation. But, hell, I'm not a music critic. Ask the band what it's truly about. Lol.

~~~Go MCR~~~

AWESOME SONG !!! | Reviewer: Invisible | 8/15/08

I think this song is rockin , I love MCR to death , I got to know them when I heard all my friends at school talking about them so I decided to try to listen to them , and it was the best thing that ever happened to me ((although my mom sooo doesn't approve of it!!)) anyway I guess I should owe me finding MCR to my friends , funny isn't it ?