^_^ | Reviewer: BlackMariah | 3/20/08

sum ppl dont rly know the true meaning of this song...they would just think this song is "emo" well..it's not so f*ck off!!! hehe...

MCr is one of my biggest inspiration of starting to have a band....and to kip on living...=D


always MCR | Reviewer: chantel | 1/9/08

I'm so in love with everything MCR stands for and how hard they rock out, they are my inspiration for sure in my journey to starting my own band. Wish me luck, Gerard!

Melekelikirocka!!!! | Reviewer: Tyler | 12/15/07

My Chemical Romance is the FUCKEN BEST!!!!! They came to hawaii, i and alot of other people i know bought the black parade flag and were using it at our parade today 12/15 in Ewa Beach Hawaii.

12/02/07 | Reviewer: Helena | 12/3/07

i love my chemical romance !!!!!!i have the cover of three cheers for sweet revenge tattooed on my stomach !!!!!!

Lumikbobrayankard<--- weird | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/07

i reely agree with "uhhh..." i never new they had bin goin so long untill black parade came out but i do love stuff from the oldies!

I love MCR!!!!!!! | Reviewer: AmBeR | 11/6/07

Hey people! I love MCR (in case you didn't already figure that out)!! I love all of their music but I think that I should clarify something for those that don't know this. My Chemical Romance doesn't believe they are "Emo" (just in case theres someone who thinks they're emo((not bad if you do))) Keep rockin' peeps!! Live long and Prosper. Peace out.

someone that really understands | Reviewer: randie | 10/3/07

this song is about your demons, and how alone you can feel sometimes. god forbid they should write lyrics about how life really is and how it hurts. most of their antagonists don't even get the symbolism.
their songs are complete packages. the band plays/gerard sings to give off how it really feels with every subject.

MCR ARE THE BEST!!!! | Reviewer: blobby@hotmail.co.uk | 9/29/07

All MCR songs rock, of course, but this one's gotta be my fave! The openning especally rocks! Hi fives to any fellow MCR lovers out there!!

About the song This Is How I Disappear performed by My Chemical Romance | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/07

i dont really agree with one of the reviewer saying this is just "another emo song" ...
MCR.. will you please come to singapore >< PLEASE.. Sob..

GOOD | Reviewer: BOB THE SOLDAT | 8/24/07

this songs awesome, just like an MCR song should be. but dead! has got to be the all time best song (in my opinion)

awesome | Reviewer: O'Reily | 8/24/07

this songs friggin awesome. great vocals and instrumentals. but cmon, thats just about every mcr song

<333 | Reviewer: Gabby | 8/21/07

i love this song so much (but i love allll the mcr songs) and it was my chemical romance's opening at projekt revolution '07 at nissan pavilion i was there they were SO FUCKING GOOD!

i'm listening to the song right now :]

mcr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

wow i like this song...i like all my chem songs! oh yeah this song i think the style is different form the other black parade songs i think its more like the songs from three cheers...but it doesnt make a difference cuz its still mcr and i love it!i love their albums and all!! if you dont get my point a while ago its ok because i know its a bit senseless but it makes sense (sorry if you dont understand me)

uhhh... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/07

MCR are entirely awesome. < FACT.

I dont agree at all with what 'mcrlover' said though :
"i hate how posers just like them after the black parade they arent real fan just trend followers."
Thats Crap. I know people who got into them because of The Black Parade and then listened to thier older stuff. They are still 'real fans' it just means that they havent been a fan for as long as some others. Mmm-kay?

Good song bad lyrics | Reviewer: Wakizashi | 8/6/07

Well that kinda sums it up doesn't it. :D
As I was saying, the song itself is a nice package melody is good but bass isn't brought up too much (maybe due to lack of skill who knows)thenagain the whole song is pretty easy to perform which makes it a bit more impressive package. Now as for the lyrics.. Well it's really basic emo shit u can hear from 100+ million bands anyday. They come with a little meaning but makes u wanna write poems or slit your wrists.

Points 7/10 "I've had better"
Strongpoints: Catchy Melody & Easy to play yourself
Weak: Lyrics (come on my angst lil' sis can do better)
Audience: 13-year-old Emo kids who think life is about dressing in black, make up, slit wirsts and poems

Over and out

Mail: Wakizashi.opls@gmail.com <--- Hatemail here (lol)