Love this song | Reviewer: Black Parader | 4/21/07

This song is a really good song, it really has alot of meening to it, I think Black Parade is they're best album yet, Three Cheers and I brought the bullets were really good, but I think this album has the most meening to it, ya know what I meen?

W/o Gina i Disappear | Reviewer: I Love Gina | 4/18/07

I love this song can't ever get it out of my head lol.

Woo! | Reviewer: GameOkayer | 4/15/07

I can't get enough of this. Fucking amazing is all I have to say.

review | Reviewer: Me | 4/4/07

Yeah, definately one of the best songs around. There's alot of meanings to their songs. I feel sorry for people who try to generalize it and say it's emo or gothic.

hmmmmm? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/07

i had major doubts about The Black Parade.
i thought that it would never be as good as I Brought You My Bullets and Three Cheers but i was proven wrong and this song is one of the most powerful on the album.
Never thought a song could put across the emotions i was going through at the time and Gerard Way and the rest of the band really helped...

[x] | Reviewer: Sophie x | 3/28/07

I Love This Song.
Enough Said.

&& I feel sorry for people who don't like this song. They are missing out.

People who like this song as much as I do would understand what I mean.

Read Me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/07

A fucking amazing band. I had my doubts with the new album thinking it would'nt be as good as Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. I was wrong. It may be different but still great. I LOVE THIS SONG BY THE WAY!!! Can't stop listing to it