Reviews for Teenagers Lyrics

Performed by My Chemical Romance

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Come on people! | Reviewer: Lisa | 6/24/08

I am not a huge fan of MCR due to the fact I haven't listened to much of their stuff, but this song is great. As for this whole "emo" thing, I'm 24 years old and have only ever heard this term in the last few years, there will be a new label one day, and emo won't exist. It's sad really cuz it's a label that describes someone that at least appreciates a form of rock music, rather than the usual crap on commercial radio, yet other rock fans still attack them, when infact these people should all be sticking together. The prejudice these people face would be typical of the "chavs" another group of people suddenly in existence, but without a passion for anything rock, the fact that much of this emo bashing comes from fellow rock lovers is a worry, enjoy what it is u listen to, and leave the "emo's" to enjoy whatever they listen to-had it ever crossed ur minds that much of this might very well be the same things? Love to all emo's, rockers, goths, punks etc out there who love real, decent music xx

Grow Up | Reviewer: Ethan Robinson | 3/31/08

Geez! Stop calling people Emo...people are people okay?? Fuck, I wear black clothes, eyeliner and LOVE MCR and this song totally relates to my feelings in a way. Great song so stop hating on it okay? If you motherf****** don't like it, don't come looking for it okay?! I also suffer from bipolar...NOT fucking pleasant but THAT doesn't make someone any lower or freakier than anyone else. I have no problem with the Emo label actually, as long as you don't treat those particular looking/acting people in a stupid way. THAT'S peoples problems with labels, the treatment, AND it puts those poor people on the spot...doesn't make life easier...

Grr. | Reviewer: Kristy. | 3/15/08

I Love This Song!
And I Friging Hate It When People Call Other People 'Emo' Because Of Their Hair Or Clothes Or Music. And Everyone Who Calls Someone Emo I Ask Them What Emo Means And They Always Say That An Emo Person Is Someone With Emotions.
Im Like. Pffft! Everyone Has Emotions You Deadbeats!

Review and Comment | Reviewer: Luna Ferro | 2/25/08

Alright, this song is absolutely wonderful. Anyone can say what they want. If you don't like the song, or the band for that matter, why bothering reviewing the lyrics? As far as the 'emo' bit is concerned, I'll brighten you to a small statement that I hope you will follow:

Labels are best used on soup cans.

With that said, enjoy the song as well as your day.

Luna Ferro

This song. | Reviewer: Emily | 2/14/08

Who cares if MCR is "emo". I remember when Emo was never heard of. And even if it is Emo, it doesnt come into the fact that they make kick ass music. See if I was disabled and I wrote a heaps good song and everyone thought it was soo good, then people found out that I was disabled, should that change everyones opinion on my song?What difference does it make.
The point is, its a good song.
Lets love the music and forget about whos behind it, and what they are like.
Other wise we arnt liking music for the right reasons.
So who did MCR end up "copying"???

sorry | Reviewer: amy the mcr fan | 1/17/08

sorry, guys, but mcr actually is emo. well, at least they're emo by the means that people lable me by. Gerard suffers from depression as well as other members of the band. here is the definition of what other people classify emo by
EMO-noun, a person who wears black and/or suffers from depression and may or may not cut.

coliado | Reviewer: coliado | 1/15/08

MCR r well good... i h8 it wen ppl say there emo coz they might have a slight emo look but there music i awsome and it aint at all emo if ppl think there emo they should go listen to slipnot for 1 hour...

THIS SONG IS AWESOME!! | Reviewer: Charlotte!!! | 12/26/07

i love this song... it is so awesome... its realy catchy and end up singing it for days...
MCR in concert was awesome.. i saw them at the O2 arena.... was amazing...... anyone else think that MSI was awesome aswell.....
sum people say that MCR are a really emo band.... but at the concert i saw everything from 8 year olds to like 60 year olds so they are pretty awesome.
love them... love their music

..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

this song is so fun. it doesn't really matter what it says... i really like what it says but i mean when it comes on me and my friends can't help but dance around because the rythmn is so fun. it doesn't really matter what something says as long as it makes people feel good really... :D awesomeness really

sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

I'm going to punch something next time I hear this pseudo-rebellious crap played over the radio to make angsty teenagers feel like they're sticking it to The Man.

NO WAY | Reviewer: NO | 11/27/07

if this song really, truely is a remake, wouldn't that be stated in CD reviews? People would've caught on by now and it'd be all over the news. mcr is an amazing band, (my favorite) and its sad that some people refuse to ackknowledge that for reasons i dont know, and instead just try and start fights saying how they copied this song. do some research. and to the person who did research but couldnt find anything? hahaha. thats just proof right there that this is their original song!

help plz | Reviewer: spasma | 11/26/07

this is a great song, but i'de really like to know the genuine track, if anybody knows the authentic artist, then plz mail me back about the bands name

Dear Jack Spade; bout the remake..... And my rant. | Reviewer: Brutal Chess. | 11/26/07

This one to Jack Spade; who wrote
"this song is a remake!!"
and to those others who said that.**

Please, tell me the original song, And then we shall fight about it, kay? Thank you, I'd love to hear it. =D
(I don't think your lying, cause more than one of you said it, I really am being serious. But if you can't provide me with what i want, i may think otherwise. Thanks...)


RANT to live by;

This isn't even there best, nor have the most meaning. But admit it, its good. They really are a good band and you've got to love 'em.
I think 'putting down' bands is just stupid, and a reason to fight. I mean really!
And these oldies that are so great, SUCK, (I'd say some but that would be totally hypocritical of me wouldn't it? =D] And I'm not saying you can't hate them just don't go around and tell everyone you hate them. Honestly your only looking for a fight if you do that, you morons. =]

Music isn't a thing without powerful lyrics anyway, and this bands got 'em.


Also they've been doing what they've been doing since they started, so tell me how they fit in with the current clique? Cause todays latest fashion is constantly changing, and of course not everyones down for the whole dying thing. Ha people like you sillys, just make me laugh.


REMAKE | Reviewer: jack spade | 11/21/07

i KNOW this is a remake. MCR didnt write the tune or the lyrics so stop giving them credit! there a band of no talents who leech off genuine artists materials. if it wasnt already a good song they wouldnt have touched it

Even old 40 year olds know a good band when they hear it! | Reviewer: James | 11/19/07

Makes a common bond for myself and my son. Good bands stand out and this is one of the best bons my son and I share. Keep it up and do the music that follows justice!

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