Reviews for Teenagers Lyrics

Performed by My Chemical Romance

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*sighs* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/18/07

This song is merely stating the stereotypical mindset of a large number of's a rebellion against the 'system' run by adults.
It's clearly stating that modern society creates a population of mindless zombies who confirm to the rules and regulations laid down by their parents, teachers, politicians etc.
"What you've got under your shirt"...this may not necessary mean a concealed weapon. It may just as easily be a reference to a heart...saying that if you keep heart you can easily overocme all the people that put you down to become what YOU want to become...not some fool that tries to blame all of societies problems on music and lyrics.

ginger | Reviewer: ginger | 8/18/07

i love this song
i mean i was on of the cheerleaders in the back
yeah it was fun meeting them
yes i know i am very hot and so very sexy

good song! | Reviewer: Mia | 8/17/07

This song is really good, I heard it on the radio and had to buy it. It really explains how our culture works! And to the person who says that songs like this promote things Columbine, get real. He's not saying it's okay to go and shoot up people, he's showing a view of American culture. Get over it. You want things like Columbine to not happen, go advocate gun control.

do what u want not what others think | Reviewer: Maxxy T | 8/16/07

Mcr are properly one of the most discussed about bands at the moment. each song they do is different from the next )usually( compare the lyrcs of this to W2BP there completey different and i love almost all there songs

and they wonder why columbine happened | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/16/07

songs like this is why columbine happen. when you put in your song use what's under your shirt for payback it means(shoot them)! how can you adore a song that says if you are miserable shoot some one.
thats not a song its a list of lyrics that gives teenagers to shoot people when they are feeling low and are angry for being picked on. if i were to have shot every kid who picked on me there would be like 300 kids dead. this song is very bad for kids to hear. because some kid might hear it one day and act on it. did yall ever think o f that? you didn't did you. singers need to be careful on what they write right now because we are living in a unstable world.
so please if you agree repost this on all the review sites so we ban this song from being played.
and no i am not a parent i am 15.
but i am smart enough not to get blinded by a cool beat that secretly tells you kill if your unhappy.

yayyy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/15/07

i love thiss song! the lyrics really mean something yknow? this song explains a teenagers everyday life.

billyroxmysox | Reviewer: allison freddo | 8/14/07

i love gerard in this music video also some teenagers are careless-lol my chemical romance rox

Ya Know? | Reviewer: . | 8/12/07

i dont' listen to MCR's songs because i amn ot really into their music but i heard a clip of the video on my friends myspace and now im in *love* with the song, always being listened to on my video iPod!!

Muhahaha, Scare the living shit outa me... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/12/07

I have to admit this song is very... shall we say amusing. The lyrics are hysterical AND historical (in the area of modern music). And to Nadnerb... if you're judging a people by their comments on a teenage rock song with lyrics 'they could care less as long as someone will bleed'... on the internet, you deserve to be mislead and deceived into your opinion of Americans.

Correction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/07

"EMO" has been pushed into being a stereotype and a classification. That's not what emo used to be. It originated from a misspelling of the Australian bird "Emu" which was a bird that stick's its head in the sad i.e. like a moping teenager. Emo used to be about being yourself, expressing the music you like, how you want, and not giving a crap what other people think. Nowadays people are thinking it's tight jeans, black eyeliner, uneven haircuts, and cutting wrists. Anyone here who thinks they are emo and does what i just described: you are a poser and an idiot.

Emo love | Reviewer: Emo | 8/7/07

I love gerad way da lead singer and yea!!! love dere songz coz mah brother john iz a teen and he scare da livin shit owtta meh.

stfu TEENAGERS | Reviewer: kelly anne | 8/4/07

oh stop your petty drama fight about what kind of bacn MCR is... all that REALLY matters is if you like the band or if you like the song. no matter what genre or sub-genre. no on is confided to one type of music or one label.
fucking a, yo.

awesome!!!!! | Reviewer: julia | 8/4/07

i luv dis song its my fav song!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u my chemical Romance i luv u

Previous post is offensive... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

Oh Brendan (Nadnerb)...What a sad little person you are for feeling the need to make a comment section of a lyrics web page into a medium for attacking people. Not all Americans lack the ability to spell, so you should probably get over your prejudices and, more importantly, yourself.

P.S. Rugby Sucks!

It's in the title | Reviewer: Brendan | 8/1/07

I love the song, and definitely think that there is a 'tongue-in-cheek' quality that gives it the humor as Nadnerb wrote; however, I have to point out that while many reviewers are probably American (as Nadnerb wrote) most of them (including me) are teenagers. Because of this, you will find that, yes, there are many poor examples of grammar and spelling. Some of these are typos, some are merely the new 'computer-shorthand', but some are a new form of typing in which the spelling and punctuation are manipulated to convey the emotion of the writer where a structured letter form constrains such expression. This is a new type of linguistic which is actually being studied in universities as part of the pop culture, so please don't disparage us, or call us poor representatives of are country. We are teenagers, not diplomats or tour guides. It seems to me that the crude and unsophisticated reviews have offended, and maybe even unnerved, you. Do teenagers scare the living shit out of you as well?

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