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Performed by My Chemical Romance

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Good Song | Reviewer: Paige | 6/14/07

This is one of my favourite songs on the album. I love the intro telephone call. Very Pink Floydish. I agree that the have sold out, but I think this album is about as good as Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. I love the concept of the album, where every song has its own story, which ties into a much larger picture, the album concept. Very creative. Again, remind me of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album, which is suppose to be listened too without a break in the music. Its about a mentally ill person. Again, Black Parade is nowhere near the calibur of Pink Floyd, but I have noticed some similarities. However, when I first saw them with their little makeover at the (i think) MTV Music Awards, and heard the Black Parade song, I immediately thought Queen (like many people). I hated there videos though, what a bummer. Very lackluster, could have done much more. And they should have released the "Mama" song rather than "Teenagers". Although they are trying to watch their step with its release, its just not approriate after V-TECH. Someone might take it the wrong way. Oh, and just so you don't think I'm one of these dieheart emsters, I'm not. I just appreciate music in general.

pretty awesome song :D | Reviewer: mcrrock!!! | 6/3/07

i think this song rocks gerard way rocks but why is he the only one tht people seem to like frank iero and bob bryar are fit as fuck aswell lol but its about the music n this song fuckin rocks !! heaven help us is better tho :P:P

lol | Reviewer: David | 5/19/07

If you read all the reviews for all the mcr lyrics, it's so funny how everyone gets so defensive over the band; like thier music is only for that individual and no one else. i used to think like that. MCR is mainstream now, and as much as I used to like them, they sold out, and they're not the same at all. It's more sad than most of thier music.

if u wanna debate about it

God Damned Awsome | Reviewer: Lloyd | 5/14/07

I Just Cant Believe That MCR didnt release this song second from their album!!
its Just Fuckin Immense

Sleep - mY cHeMiCaL rOmAnCe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/07

Gerard has a distinctive voice that really sets him apart from other fairly new rock groups. He has this way of making it seem like he's only singing for you. His "Sleep" lyrics are so intense and full of emotion; just like all of his songs. He is an incredible human being. And no he's definitely not awful to look at but it's really the music and his attitude that makes him gorgeous.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/07

Gerard Way is one of the most talented people I have ever heard sing. Whenever I hear this song, I almost feel like he's laying open his soul, even if that sounds a bit dumb. It literally sends shivers up my spine. Spectacular.

Mcr Rock | Reviewer: nikolettaMcr | 4/19/07

My Chemical Romance are so cool. I have only bought The Black Parade album, and all the songs rock. I only wish I had known them before!!!!!!

breathtaking... | Reviewer: thalia | 4/16/07

all i can really say is that this song got my attention right away from when i first heard it and it is one of my favorites from MCR. I love how dark and sad the song is, i love the piano it's so captivating.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Alexa | 4/16/07

I find it sort of ironic how if you listen to the song and read the lyrics, "beautiful" isn't really the first word that comes to mind, but I really do find this song beautiful. Odd as that may be, it's an amazingly written song and Gerard's voice is superb throughout the entire song. It's not the best of the album, but it's up their in the favorites for me. The clips and the voice when it rewinds gives me chills also and it's just a thrilling song. Very theatrical and meaningfull.

And hah, "Garared".

Luv... | Reviewer: Daniel | 3/24/07

This song is one of my favorites under this album of MCR's, "The Black Parade". It really is a kind of creepy, sad song. It's effin' awesome!

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