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way baaaaaaccccckkkk...... | Reviewer: kyoshiro | 3/14/08

yo! I agree with whats the problem officer? up there..I mean, the songs in the black parade are simply....BORIIIINNNGGG...i like them, yeah, but a guy would easily get tired of them if he already had a taste of their music about seven years ago...Yup, like, Vampires will never hurt you was awesome, demolition lovers too...and those are what they mean when they say EMO ROCK, really meaningful and bloody red, lyrics that stab, aww, dark and gloomy..!!! Helena still sounded cool...but when i saw the black parade...hey! is that MCR??? they've gotten soft...they've turned into pop-rock...they're CUTER(eww)...they're brighter(where's the darkness???!!!),their instruments may have improved, but where's the constant shouting??? man...but i still love them. Hopefully they turn back to the way they were, and oh, hehe...mama is a cool song...I pray they hear my woes...

parasonitus | Reviewer: kitty | 3/4/08

ROFL parasonitus no way!!
i listened to disenchanted on repeat for the longest time in my room too and omg..the same EXACT thing happened to me!!
that is too funny

but yea i cant really say they saved my life cuz i never really wanted to kill myself
but they have inspired me to just be me ya kno??
i used to always want to fit in with the others
but sumthing in their music just kinda slapped me in the face and made me ralize i didnt have to be good enuff for others

i really really love this band and their beautiful music (:

"MCR SAVED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!11!!!1!" | Reviewer: ParaSonitus | 2/26/08

You know all that MCR saved my life crap? You know all those people who claim MCR saved them from doing all sorts of stupid shit?
Yeah, here's just what I want to rant about. Don't get me wrong, I love MCR...
Just, yeah. It wasn't exactly THEM who saved you. It was you. They just played music. Half the people who say that mcr saved them or whatever had no issues in the first place and just went along with it. Actually, MCR made me sick. I'm serious there. I was alone for at least three hours with DisEnchanted on repeat. I was already upset over something, so it really didn't help. In the end I was on the floor with my face soaked from tears and feeling like I was going to vomit.
My mum came in and turned off the music. It wasn't long till I got better after she did.

But I know someone who really WAS saved by MCR. She was a complete wreck. I'm serious. She just didn't want to live anymore, so she tried killing herself. I didn't see her for a while and I was worried. Then after a while I saw her again, she looked a lot better, and she was rocking out in her MCR top listening to music on her mp3 (I'm going to presume it was mcr)
And you know what she said? "I don't want to hurt myself. I don't want to see other people hurt themself. I know this sounds really lame, but my chemical romance saved my life."

So, yeah. There's my rant done. I don't care if you read it or not. I needed to let off steam.

My Chemical Romance | Reviewer: | 2/19/08

i love mcr. it is the best band out ther. it is also very inspirational. i am a songwriter and i listen to them all the time and i sometimes get inspired by the music. they are a great band and they are always #1 in my book, even if nobody liked them. out of all their songs my favorite is "you know what they do to guys like us in prison" i think it is the best. i love mcr and i hope they keep on with the good songs because it is practically my life. can't wait for the next album. I LOVE YOU MCR!

Love them so ... | Reviewer: * Vinny * | 2/19/08

I started listen them a few years ago, and Iin begginig I didn´t felt nothing about them songs .. but with the time, them songs started express some moments of my life ...

Now I´m fascinated by them ...

My favourite song is "The Ghost of you"


My heros | Reviewer: Alex | 1/30/08

Gerard Way.
Mikey Way.
Franky Iero.
Bob Bryar.
Ray Toro.


They really are. Their music and actions inspire me in anything and everything I do. They're the reason I still dwell on this earth. The music they make is like magic... a dark beauty. Go give them a listen if you haven't already.


the best band in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 | Reviewer: kala | 1/24/08

omg i sooooo luv my chemical romance dare r da best bamnd i the world i av nearly everythin bouth them i really like them costhey inspire me the way they al stick 2 gether they av bein through alot nd me bt when eva i hear dare songs i just listen nd it makes me feall beta. i av alot goin on in my houseni even started slithing my wrists things av bein so bad bt ny way i LOVE U MCR ND I ALWAYS WILL thanks i wouldnt of got through tis with out u love u some much i wish some day i could meet u love ya so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

HOLY HELL | Reviewer: Sadie LaStrange | 1/17/08

Holy Hell on earth MCR rocks my socks thats all there is to it, they are among the best and Gerard has teh voice of an angel undisputed, MRC in my list of favorites (who could pick just one?) but anyway I love them, Desert Song and You Know... are definatly my favorite songs ever, and Gerard Way sexyist mofo around no joke.

With Love For Hate,
Sadie LaStrange

that was so dramatic, but this is about the music... | Reviewer: whats the problem officer? | 1/15/08

for all the people that are like gerard way is sooooo very emo, and they are the worst band ever, i have one question for you people: if you hate them, WHY ARE YOU ON HERE? do you write bad reviews that make no impact for fun?? cause i think you all secretly like them and want to be all tough and rebelous. and for all you people that are like they saved my life twice. GO CHECK IN TO THE HOSPITAL!!! that is not right, you need more than music if you tried to kill yourself. listen i dont want to be mean, but really im just sick and tired of you people saying this shit! this is kinda for reviews about the music and the band! no one cares on here if you almost died, WE DONT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! if anyone agrees with me say it!! i know that im not the only one getting annoyed here.

i like my chem and i think that the black parade was good, only it sounded like anyhting else you pick up at borders. a lot of people were disapointed with TBP and stopped listening and supporting them. i think that if they went back to their old style then they might get those lost listeners back.

XXX IERO'S GIRL FOR LIFE XXX | Reviewer: Amelia Iero | 1/2/08

I love MCR so much they are all i can talk about they ARE rock gods! FRANK rules my world!XXX FRANK XXX. i saw them live in auckland city and that was the best conert i have ever been to. They have so much passion for what they do. Frank is the most sexiest person to have walked the Earth and i want to meet him so bad!!I hope that they never break up coz i think my world would shatter into 1000 small very small peices!!! Mikey and Ray are so brillant i hope they know just how wonderful they are. Gerad well words can not express just how talanted he is. Bob is one of the best drummers i have ever seen live or listened to! Frank has so much energy that he puts into his music that he just makes listening or watching them a thrill and he is also incredribly talanted! MCR will continue to rock the world with their dangerours music for ever! I love so much and They ROCK

My Chemical Romance is aMaZiNg!!!! | Reviewer: Kate | 1/3/08

My Chemical Romance is like no other group out there. Their lyrics are so deep and that's what makes them different from other bands. Most groups just say whatever matches the beat of the song, and it makes no sense whatsoever. My Chemical Romance is a fucking amazing group. Let's just leave it at that.

i love them like my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: emo chick | 1/2/08

my chemical saved my freaken life i luv them!
i really don't agree with Briana so what i'm an emo exquess me for expreesing myself i didn't know it offended you so just keep your comets to your self!!!!!!!!!!anyway i love GERARD WAY and i don't give a crap if people say he's gay cause he's not!! i still love him-emo chick

great band | Reviewer: wil | 1/5/08

I love most of their older stuff, but the new stuff is wonderful too.
The emotion sent through their music is strong, and the lyrics are deep. The beats are awesome, too.
oh, and comment about eliza cuts on 12/28/2007, I really doubt you are her. I doubt she would go on the little sites like these and announce that shit. Believe it or not, she is smart, and I think we should get over the Gerard breakup, I mean-- he moved on!
for people who aren't fans of the band:
I highly recommend songs like FLW, Headfirst for Halos, and Our Lady Of Sorrows, or even Honey. =)

This band is awesome. | Reviewer: Robyn | 12/28/07

I can't say this enough, this band is great and an inspiration to us all. Their songs are fantastic, proving their skill. Their story is amazing, proving their strength. They've repeatedly said that they are proud to be saving lives, proving the give a shit... The makings of a band that you can't go wrong with.

Alot of my friends have been saved by this awesome band and they've saved me as well. They mean alot to me and that will never change.

Long live the Romance and relish in it's worthiness!

A MESSAGE FOR MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE | Reviewer: Eliza Cuts | 12/28/07

I'm Eliza Cuts. I was engainged with Gerard. I only wanted to be famous. I never loved Gerard, but he was so stupid and he was in love with chemical romance, i will try to be famous! lots of kisses to gerard...

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