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Uh you guys need to realize | Reviewer: Mary | 4/20/09

MCR is by far the most amazing band, but you cant say they saved your life because they didnt. YOU saved your own life not a band, no matter how amazing they are. the one thing they can do best is make you not give a sh*t, and maybe thats a good thing. But i love them forever

my life's hero | Reviewer: Jenica | 3/30/09

Their band has always gave me hope. There music always calms me down. When im said i listen to demolition lovers or ghost of you. When im mad i mostly listen to i never told you what i did for a living. Their songs symbolize a great meaning to music. I really love them. I started liking them in 7th grade and ever since i've always liked them. And there new songs too :)

alright | Reviewer: jenn | 3/24/09

yeah.. it was alright but i think you should update the picture... plus Gerard Way is my hero he saved me so many times because i went through some tough personal times and if they dident exsist i probaly would be dead right now i was just looking around on youtube and i clicked on something that gave me the name of "Famous Last Words" and i love that song so much <3


I don't know what to say... | Reviewer: Alyssa | 2/26/09

This band saved my life. After coming extremely close to a violent suicide attempt, I heard "Helena" on the radio. It saved my life...
Thank you MCR, for being my gaurdian angels.
I will ALWAYS support you.
Thank you for existing <3

Ignorance is Bliss | Reviewer: Eduardo | 2/25/09

people say "The Black Parade" is a great album.Those who followed MCR from the start (me) don't think so.The early albums reflected Gerard's sadness."the black Parade" doesnt.It sounds sick but i liked gerard when he was sad.songs like "Skylines and Turnstiles" or "I'm not okay" are the good ones.
Then again,every one is entitled to their own opionion

Thankyou | Reviewer: Rachel | 2/21/09

I am a musical, imaginative, and artistc person. Everything I observe magnifies what I see. When I first heard the song "Welcome to the Black Parade", I melted into happiness. After that, yur music nspired me greatly. Since then, I can think for myself and really, just live. My Chemical Romance, when your going through depression and other forms of teenage hell, you need somebody to look up to. Thanx for being there for me.

My Chem bio. | Reviewer: samie | 1/17/09

This band IS the best band in the whole universe!! I have been a really big fan since the beginning and i loved them every time they wrote a new song or had a concert. They literlly saved my life, without MCR i think i could not survive. Most of their songs got and get me through the toughest times of my life! They make me laugh, cry, and every emotion anybody could think of! I held and still hold a BIG crush on Gerard Way since the biginning but now he is married to Lyn-z (who is an awesome bassist) and having his baby.... anyway, I think that MCR will always suceed in wrtting the best of songs and inspiring people!!! Long Live MCR The best band beyond the beyond of the universe!!!! :P

MCR IS MY MOST FAVE BAND!!! | Reviewer: vincent_666 | 12/3/08

I didn't Know BEFORE that MCR "lived". I was watching MYX YOUR CHOICE YOUR MUSIC, 'till i saw a glimpse on the music video-WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE. then i liked it!! 'till then i searched for the songs of MCR and memorized ALMOST ALL OF IT to say that i'm a very big fan of MCR!!!
so...MCR...I THANK YOU!!!!! i'll always support your every song!!!

BIG FAN | Reviewer: hala | 12/1/08

i luv MCR they are the best and i luv miky way the most ,, and they really did show me that life is unfaire we get nothing from everything , but we have to live our life even its hard ,thats life , fun to live hard to deal with and like they say"MAMA we are all go to hell" LOL

Amazing people | Reviewer: Amber Wilkinson | 10/30/08

Usually I don't look at celebrities as anything special. In fact they get on my damn nerves. They're all plastic and have the ability to act or sing or play an instrument. That's cool, but I don't think you should be praised for it. When I first heard My Chemical Romance, i thought they were weird. But this one night i had a dream that I was the dead girl in the Helena video. I didn't know what to think at first, until I saw their next video "Ghost of You" That video is what got me going. I started listening to you guys more and searched you up on the internet all the time. Then I finally bought the album "three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" I fell in love with that CD and that is still by far, my most prized CD. That album made me realize numerous things. I learned a lot off of My Chemical ROmance. I have all of their albums, posters hung up in my closet, merchandise, books, DVD's, the whole shabang. If I ever got to meet them, I would thank them for becoming a band. Also, I'm sorry that Gerard couldn't live out his other dream as an illustrater and that his cartoon got cancelled. But I heard your comic books were very good. I still have yet to buy one of them, and also see you guys in concert. I hope you guys make another album soon, because I will be one of the first people waiting in line to go buy it. I love you guys. :)

THEY SAVED ME | Reviewer: disenchantedangel | 10/20/08

i love mcr my friend got me hooked on them in gr7 and im positive
tht if she hadn't i would be dead rite now. there music is inspiring and they them selves are amazing. people say the take lives.i say they save them.i'd have to say my fave song is disenchanted wich is about following your dreams as gerard way has stated in concert <3.people say there emo and hardcore but those of you that say that have you listened to there music?i just had to say this and also to say how amazing they no matter what shit people say i will always love mcr.

Gerard my hero! | Reviewer: maria | 10/26/08

My Chemical Romance is the best band ever..!!

Gerard is my hero..he has already saved me so many times....You see, I had no idea there was such a band, but one day, while I was searching an Iron Maiden videoclip-Iron Maiden is Gerard's favorite band- I saw the song:"Welcome to the Black Parade".....I liked the title, so I decided to learn more.....from that moment, I keep discovering things about Mcr, and I think one day I will know everything about them..:)

Thank you for existing, I love you!<3

Maria from Greece..

they are awesome | Reviewer: eva | 10/10/08

Hi!My name is eva and i am from if my eanglish are not perfect it's my fault.I was searching on the internet when i saw a video with the song ''Helena''.It was the most fantastic song which i had ever listened.T he guitar the bass the drums the rythm and the vocals where uniqe.From this day I listen this band all the time.It's not only the music.And the lyrics are talking about the real world out there.They're songs are very dynamic.They are uniqe.ah!and Taylor tel to your friend that i used to do this bullshits too.Tell to her that if she dies today she won't see the world which mcr are writting in their songs.That one day she will felt in love and then she will undrestand why Gerard got engaged.Tell to her that Gerard says to his songs ''say a prayer'' which means have hope and believe to the God.Surferring is no t the solution for this short life.And also I have to say a big THANK YOU to my chemical romance because they pushed me to do my dream.A rock band.And also to love macking comics.THANK YOU ALL.

All i can say is... Wow. | Reviewer: Me and only me | 10/6/08

Okay... Before i start lets get one thing clear... I have only recently been introduced to Mcr... It was the black parade album that my friend gave me and i loved it... My favourite song from that album has to be Disenchanted... This band is unbelievable.. To be honest i was pretty fake you know plastic if must put it like that... I never really got on with my friends and didnt really fit in... And as soon as i heard mcr i changed... I wasnt depressed or anything like that... And no im not one of those girls that are like"gerard way is so hott.. Omg.. Blah blah.." i love the band not just him.. There are other people either than him... And no i didnt try to kill myself and no the band didnt save my life... But any way... After the black parade... I heard their first album i was hooked... Loved it ... And thought it was much better than the third... My personal favourite would be three cheers... But thats me... And i have a new group of great friends where i can be my carefree, odd and weird self... :D

The truth about what mcr did for me | Reviewer: vicky | 9/10/08

MRC is much more than just a band to me. They are the ones who inspired me, who pointed the world out to me as it is and taught me that in life you will get a maximum of 5% of the things you want if you're lucky. They have shown me that life kinda sucks and that a lot of the time the bad guys win, But they have also given me new hope. Hope that life will rock, because i think that what their music is about is finding yourself in this world which has no room for us, making ourselves heard just for the hell of it because if we're not going to live forever then you better make sure that someone will remember you. MCR saved me from being a no one. They have given me... a life. With my new self and their music to inspire me, i know i'll make it to wherever this hell will take me, and i'll d it while being known by other no ones.

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