My Interpretation | Reviewer: PHOENIXRISE | 2/16/13

To me, probably because it would describe my life, this song is about your friends. It seems like the person singing knows that something is wrong with the relationship although every thing seems fine on the surface ("we could be perfect one last night/ and die like star crossed lovers when we fight"). So to me, the person is trying to salvage the relationship while they can but they can't get through to their friend ("and we could settle this affair/ if you would shed your yellow, take my hand"). The "yellow" could be whatever misgiving or delusion that's driving them apart. The person is saying if their friend would let go of whatever is tearing them apart, they could try and figure out why other people try to tear them apart, and in general burn others down ("and then we'll solve the mystery of laceration gravity"). Then, desperately trying to convince their friend, they insist that their friend can't see clearly, but they need to just trust them so they can stay together ("this riddle of revenge, please understand it has to be this way"). And, to me, "stand up fucking tall- don't let them see your back. Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again" is the person telling their friend to have the courage to stand against the normal and be different and support their friend. They're saying that if they stand together ("take my fucking hand") they could do it. They're saying that this is the last chance they have to save them and stand together, and if they do, they'll both be damned by someone who has a lot of power but misuses it (a cruel popular person) ("We've only got one chance to put this at an end and cross the patron saint of switchblade fights"). Then, it seems like the friend is seeing clear, accepting that maybe popularity isn't everything and that were all human and we all die and by being wicked they only "die", or lose themselves, faster ("You said we're not celebrities, we spark and fade, they die by threes"). The person is trying to convince their friend to continue down the path and listen to them, but the person knows that they haven't made it yet, that their friend could still turn away and replace them with a popular person ("I'll make you understand and you can trade me for an apparation"). The popular person being only an apparation of a real person because they're so shallow. Then it seems like the friend is completely standing by their side as the chorus repeats, and the person is sure they'll make it. Then, the friend starts drifting away, but the person doesn't want to accept that they're losing their friend after they tried so hard to save them ("trust, you said. Whoever put the words inside your head?"). By that, I think the person is remembering their friend telling them they can trust them, but now the person is wondering if their friend meant it, because maybe they are drifting over to the easy, empty life of the populars. Realizing that it might really be over and they might really be abandoned, the person is remembering when things were simpler and they weren't hated and shunned and they didn't know how cruel their "friends" could be ("oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying"). Then it goes back to the chorus, and I think it's the person begging their friend to come back and see the truth, that they didn't do anything wrong and they don't deserve to be picked on. ("Stand. Take my fucking hand, take my fucking....") they trail off, because they're realizing that its pointless and they're all alone. Then, I think their friend mockingly repeats the words the person spoke, trying to help them, telling the popular people all of the things that the picked on person trusted their friend to keep secret ("stand up fucking tall, don't let them see your back. Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again"). And then ("just because my hand's around your throat") is the person accepting the fact that their friend betrayed them. Again, that's what this song means to me. If you couldn't tell, I'm bullied a lot. This song, as well as the rest of them, mean everything to me.
This is one of the thousands of stories that can go with this amazing song.

:3 | Reviewer: Liz | 8/28/11

I Started To Become An Mcr Fan In March I Saw Danger Days At mY Libary And Decided ToGet It Then I Saw A magazine Cover And Got That Too After reading The article about their new abulm made me fall in love with but my sister was an mcr around 2007 and she didnt like their new sound and would mess with me about being a fan call me emo and a loser this song help me decde to stand up to her :)

Perfect | Reviewer: Vanessa | 6/2/11

This song will always be one of my favorites and hearing it live at their show will forever be one of my favorite events, it was so sick and this song got me through a lot and always gave me something to relate to whenever i was angry, MCR ruules

Truly Inspirational | Reviewer: Myah | 6/2/09

this song is so inspirational, i am depressed and although they didn't "Save" me they, and this song, certainly helped me through some pretty tough crap. "our lady" gives people, fans and non alike, inspiration to stand up to those dumb fuckers who think that you must conform to their beliefs and way of life. "Stand up fucking tall" people and "don't let them see your back"

Huh... | Reviewer: Naoyusimi | 5/3/09

This song reminds me of Kurt Cobain.
"We spark and fade, they die by threes" reminds me of "It's better to burn out than fade away."
"How wrong we were to think that immortality was never dying." Obv.
And "Just because my hand's around your throat."

Never really noticed before. Though it's prolly accidental. They've never said anything about it, so who knows.

Our Lady of Sorrows | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/20/08

I love this song so much.
This song is about friendship. The lyrics, "stand up fucking tall, don't let them see your back" and "Take my fucking hand and never be afraid again" are saying that there are people in the world who are out to get you, but if you have your friends with you then you'll be alright.

I do also have to agree that MCR isn't emo. Gerard himself said emo was crap as a nicer way of putting it. This I think upset some people when he said that, and if I do remember he might've said their music was like pop-rock. So if they wrote a pop song about a massacre it'd still be popular or something along the lines of that. Gerard has some funny things to say sometimes.

Yup.. | Reviewer: Shiv | 2/1/08

I agree. People calling MCR "emo". It doesn't sound anything like The Rites of Spring...the band that started a new rock music genre, Emotive Hardcore.
And besides, MCR put themselves into the alternative genre.

<3 them.

What a great song i LOVE it!! | Reviewer: | 1/17/08

I hate it when everyone says that MCR are emo, and that only emo people listen to them...i am not emo and they are my favorite band. These songs show what the bands members were going through, and they are- GREAT!!!! Our Lady of Sorrows is Dark, but in the right way it tells the truth...
'I'll make you understand and you can trade me for an apparation...'

Dark, agressive, fierce | Reviewer: Darya-from Russia | 12/11/07

This song's dark, agressive, fierce and strong but so honest expressing its fury... For this I love My chemical romance)
And of cause, MCR is not EMO. Who say that it is, just don't understand in music. IMHO=)

dark, agressive, fierce | Reviewer: Darya-from Russia | 12/11/07

This song's and strong but so honest expressing its fury... For this I love My chemical romance)
And of cause, MCR is not EMO. Who say that it is, just don't understand in music. IMHO=)

Spark&Fade... | Reviewer: Alemy<3 | 11/27/07

i love this song, love the lyrics, love the album, love the band. it seems i can never get it out of my head... i really do feel sorry for those who dont like my chemical romance, or only listen to the black parade album. they are missing out on a lot. this song NEVER gets old and i'll love it, and MCR for the rest of my life.

'oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying...

Perfect song | Reviewer: Amy | 9/25/07

This is one of the best songs ever written.. And please.. fans r tired of hearing that MC`R s emo.. they`re not..
This songs helped me alot.
love to them.

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/15/07

ehm i hate my chemical romance they┬┤re so stupid and emo but, this song is so great that i dont fucking care

<<33 | Reviewer: leah | 7/26/07

I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH! ITS ALWAYS IN MY HEAD! WHICH IS GOOD! better than some gay ass rap song..

nice | Reviewer: son | 5/2/07

the lyrics in that song are so intricate. though i have not been converted completely into MCR obsession, there lyrics are totally uncomparable.