Stay | Reviewer: romanceforever | 6/5/09

Although I have seen many different versions of the lyrics to this song, they are all beautiful. This band just keeps amazing me with their talent. Their new album is set to drop later in 2009, and this song will be on it. I can't wait to hear what else they've come up with. For anyone who wants a good background on the band I recommend watching "Things That Make You Go MMMM!" on youtube. I will never stop loving my chem.

bullets and romance forever <3

FYI | Reviewer: Rudy Sanders | 11/17/08

This song is going to be on their next album. They premired it in Jersey during one of the performances off of "The Black Parade is Dead" DVD/CD. The Attic Demos(or Addict, im not really sure) were made when the band was first starting out before their first album(Bullets). I have no idea about Sister to Sleep. I can never find a good version of it on youtube. Just thought you should know that.

She brought you her bullets, I bring you my love,

Beautiful | Reviewer: Maggie Rehr | 2/2/08

MCR are so amazing. I just wish they would get this song and Sister to Sleep on iTunes so I could listen to them, even if they are the frank-proclaimed 'addict demos'.

I also heard that a certain 'The Black Parade is Dead' is coming out soon! Can't wait.

Thank you, MCR, for making another great song that isn't a pathetic grope-fest for some ex-girlfriend. Honestly.

Bullets for all,