Reviews for Kill All Your Friends Lyrics

Performed by My Chemical Romance

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we're all a bunch of liars. | Reviewer: nadeera | 11/23/07

mcr's lyrics are so effin powerful! they speak the truth in such...well, a very different way. this song is definitely one of the many soundtracks of my life. without them..i'd probably already threw myself off a building. i fuckin hate the media for thrashin them. they dont understand. mcr is love and life.

The Best F*cking Song Ever!!! | Reviewer: Lexi Ernst | 11/23/07

Their lyrics have saved my life and they rock my world. i want to see them in concert again , and why isnt this on the Black Parade CD? well i love you MCR and keep on coming out with these life changing songs!<3

HELL YES | Reviewer: kelly <3 | 11/25/07

this song is the shiz. times a billion.
mcr is the bestest freakin band evereverever. they are so much more than any other band could be... the first time I heard them, I was just stunned. there is a certain feeling to songs that are life changing. and I feel it every time I listen to them... <333 they have saved me soooo many times... and so many others!! ily mcr forevahhh!! <3

Ba ba ba, ba ba ba. | Reviewer: Rye | 11/17/07

I love this song. One of my top MCR favorites ever.
I love the guitar squeal at the start, I love the lyrics, I love the mental image it gives me (MCR playing at a garden funeral with lots of white flowers on a sunny day for some reason,) and I love how the time "passes."
The ba ba ba part's fun too. :]

MCR Legends | Reviewer: A | 11/12/07

I swear MCR are the best band ever.
if you despise them, you better wake up and listen to the beauty of there music.
There so popular because they are belived to be 'EMO' well just cause some one wears black it has nothing to do with 'EMO'
Taht really annoys me that people are calling them EMOs when the even ADMIT they they wern't!

PWNAGE! | Reviewer: BlackMariah_ | 11/8/07

this song OWNS!!!!!

I love My Chemical Romance, i love their lyrics theyre so deep and meaningful- so many concepts. Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Ray and Bob are some VERY TALENTED artists!

MCR saved my life | Reviewer: They'll never take me alive | 10/22/07

MCR RULE, this song ROCKS. i love it. you have to love it. i dont care what anyone else says about them, i dont care what the stupid newspapers say about them being a teen deathcult, that kind of media is the real death cult. celebrity magazines are the real death cult. anorexic celebrities famous for nothing but being anorexic, they're the real death cult. MCR are the band that save lifes, not to mention they totally ROCK !

Good B-side Songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

I wish it was on the normal album.I really like this song so much.This and My way home is through you and Heaven help us.That one is my absolute favorite song ever so far for multiple reasons!

B-side eh? | Reviewer: Amanda | 10/7/07

wow!I love them soooo much! This song is friggin awesome! what exactly is the b-side? can someone e-mail me and tell me because I REALLY want this song! thanks guy love all you cool MCR fans!

Shock | Reviewer: Hawlee (holly) | 10/5/07

Damn, this song put me in shock for a few minutes....I truely love it. It's genious.
Whoever despises this band in any way.....they better fuckin wake up and listen to the beauty of this music.
I never cried so much in my life. Lots of thier songs moved me and saved my life several time.

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