Reviews for I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Lyrics

Performed by My Chemical Romance

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flippin' sweet! | Reviewer: melissa | 3/13/06

dude, mcr flippin' rocks. when i first heard this song, i fell in love!! it is my theme song!! everybody who knows me knows that i love mcr and this song!!! it is my favorite song EVER!!!!!!!!!! go out and buy both of their albums. they rock!! the band puts so much emotion and life in their songs. they tell it like it is. they're my heroes. they help me to get out my anger if i sing along with one of their songs. ther're the real thing and they're here to stay!!!!!!!!! my chemical romance flippin rocks!!!

wooooop wooooop | Reviewer: saf | 2/9/06

i <3 mcr. thy totally rowk!!! woooooo
nd this song is 1 of my all time favryts :P
jst need to get theyr album now. lol
whoeva likes this bnd rawks \m/ like me.

can n e 1 hlp me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/05

i love this song so much can ne1 help me
do u no a website wher i can find a listen 2 the song wheneva i want
if u do plz email me on....

Honest Song | Reviewer: Katelin | 9/6/05

one of the honest songs out there, it's so honest that it gives the band goosebumps when they perform it or hear it on the radio... Gerard Way leading MCR in a song about suicidal issues in a fast tempo that brings you to actually rock your head or sway back and forth... it's always worth a listen, and it's what made me buy the album... now I'm hooked

wow wow wowness! | Reviewer: mackydeez666 | 8/10/05

what can i say.... mcr are my favourite band, as soon as i heard this song, i fell in love with them and dont stop listening to them. Their songs are amazingly powerful and are hard to not like. Gerald way... hmmmm wowness i want him lol! hehe he's so hot man! lol All the dudes are amazing and i hope they stick around.
:) adios dudes :) xxx

omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/31/05

i heard this song and fell in love with mcr. thry rock so much!!!!!!!!!

Yeah | Reviewer: Cavegirl_37 | 7/20/05

OMG!! My Chemical Romance kicks major ass!!!! I Love them so0o0o0o....much plus Frank Iero is a hottie!!!! Big plus! But you guys should go out and buy thier cd its totally worth it it rocks HxC!!!! I Love them so0o0o....much so show them some and buy thier cd!!!

really good song | Reviewer: best song | 4/11/05

this songis tied 4 my favorite song only helena is as good. they put themost emotion in their music

Awesome song | Reviewer: Bezza | 4/5/05

This song rocks hav u seen the video?
Pure genius
Great album too, my chemical romance rock!!!!!!

OMFG - These guys rock !!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Emma | 3/28/05

My chemical romance rock. These guys ar gonna be huge - go out and buy there album it is absolute first class ...

wow!!! | Reviewer: punker_pixie | 2/15/05

oh my god, these guys rock! I wish I knew the singer's name... haha. this band rocks, and this is one of their best songs! you should go get their new cd, cuz...I know you're gonna love it!

Excellent music! | Reviewer: nuvamp | 12/18/04

i think this is the sh?@!i want the song played all day! Its true music! Haven't heared a song sang with such passion!

Chemical | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/04

good song, one of the best out there right now

AWESOME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/19/04

OMG I have found my new fav band! This is such an awesome song not to mention awesome band! Pick up their new CD! MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE KICKS BUTT!

It's better than ok I promise | Reviewer: Puddles | 10/11/04

This is a really good song, it sounds happy even while the lyrics aren't. It's one of the best cds I have heard, you should buy it. The first cd is really cool also..MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ROCKS!!!!!!!

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