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Performed by My Chemical Romance

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Well Damn, People | Reviewer: Alexa Newman | 5/30/11

Okay. You guys are like Oh i don't worship My Chem because they "saved me"- Okay, cut the shit. I've been in love with them since I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love. I still love them. Okay yeah. My Chem saved my ass. But thats because i watched Life On The Murder Scene. All of those guys are so genuine. Sure they're cocky now, they've hit the big time. Anyway. When my dad deid in May '08 I went in my room and hit play on my stereo. How I Disapear came on. And I was like- well damn, if they can hit the big time and still deal with death of someone that's close to me. So can i. You guys don't need to just scratch the surface and judge. You need to dig a freaking hole and take a look around. Honestly. Them trying to save teenagers is ten times better then singing about... er Big screen tv's and groupies. Just sayin'.

OMG THEY SAVED MY LIIIFE. | Reviewer: Xal | 4/28/11

Sorta. It's kinda pathetic that the only reason I wouldn't go and suicide was because "MCR would be pissed if they heard about it", but it's true. Depression is a wonderful thing. (Not.) I mean, I don't worship the ground they walk on - but I do appreciate and love their music, and they aren't my favourite band for no reason. They've been my favourite band for about 9 years, and that won't ever change.

Anyway, review - I liked this song for what it said on the Wiki page ("This song is about suicide - Don't do it.") and the way the lyrics work. The first verse is definitely my favourite part, as well as the end, when it tells you to think happy thoughts. *lol* The chorus was interesting, slower in comparison, and I suppose it's what makes you really pay attention. If it was just one tempo throughout the whole thing, you might ignore it. Switching makes you go, "Hey, what happened there?" Great way to get the message across.

um ok | Reviewer: bekah | 12/25/10

now i understand that you may not be able to understand how a few lines save peoples live but obviously you dont know what its like to be suicidal now when you are suicidal and want to kill youself you feel alone and like no one could understand now with gerard and the bands history they know what its like to feel alone and gerard in particular and it shows in the lyrics weather you can see it or not and the lyrics are quite encourager for those going through rough times trust me the band realises what the lyrics are saying and how they can save people as it was the GOAL as they state several times in interviews trust me now it may not be a single line but a few songs that save there life plz dont judge if you have never been in these peoples shoes because you wouldnt understand the emotion and feelings of these people and i have to say they are an amaising band like AMASSING and i love this song :D

oh my! | Reviewer: kimmi | 11/7/10

i luv this song. it tells such a nice story. its like murder song. but in all there song do tell lessons. i have been there fan since i was in 4th grade so thats like since 2004 the release of the 2nd album. they saved my life and help me recognize not to take s**** mcr ftw!

PAHAHA | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/10

As much as i love this band, as I have for about 6 years now, i have to say all this 'they saved my life' shit is getting to me. If your only reason for living is a band that doesn't even know that your alive then you have serrious issues, just saying. I'll admit that my life has change through the band, i.e. i've met life long friends through them and i've openly expressed myself. But like i said before how can a cand that doesn't know you make you think 'oh i wont kill myself today' -.-
On the up side, this is one of my favourite songs of theirs, well most of the album is. I can only hope they return to their roots soon <3 :)

Yeahso. | Reviewer: Lois | 1/17/10

Angry civilian makes me lol. MCR didn't even launch bullets until 2002. From the time you posted, that would years? Even if you liked MCR before they started performing, that's only like seven and a half years or something. I'm like, not even a fan of them, but fake fans make me laugh.

yeeaahhh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/09

I was won over by Famous Last Words like last year? I found Bullets and Revenge to be better, I love the rawness on Bullets ... MCR haven't **saved** me, but they have helped me thru many sleepless nights ;D Just in general, Awesome (Y)

X3 | Reviewer: Annabel | 11/25/09

I completely agree with all theese views....MCR arent telling kids to be violent or to kill themselves they just make amazing life changng music that can completely be related to by anyone who is awesome enough to actually properly listen...i love this song so much and cant wait for the new album in spring 10'

erm ? | Reviewer: lauren | 8/25/09

yeah i used to obsessed with these, but for some one to say that theyve been in love with them for the past 9 years is actually bull shit. - they started in 2001, after the 9/11, so its basically only just eight years. also - yeah MCR have kept people alive, cause tbf, people listen to them because they offer advice in every song. im not one of those people who have been near to commiting suicide, cause i love life too much, despite the shit that goes on. however , for some one to say that people need to get a grip cause they state mychem saved them, you need to look at yourselves you stupid cunts. my chem DOES save people.

Holy crap, these guys are awesome. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/09

I'm not going to lie and say MCR saved my life, because they haven't. And I'm not going to say that I worship them and kiss the ground they walk on, because I dont. But they are truly incredible, they're music has a message for anyone who will listen, their music means the world to me. I'm glad bands like this are still here for us, even in times like these where people like Miley Cyrus are more well-known than the Beatles. My Chem is mindblowing.

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