Lots Of Love | Reviewer: Feminine Killjoy | 7/31/11

I thing that all of their albums and songs are so great in such a diferent way. It can be full of energy and the next one can touch you. That is what a great band does. They are changing every album, and that's because they are changing. And every song keeps the same spirit as the next.


:P | Reviewer: Cat | 1/16/10

Well, I liked all of their albums. But I'm hoping that their fourth one will sound more like their first two. x3
I can't decide what my favorite song from MCR is, but I really do like this song.
I like how all of their songs are so deep.

Energy | Reviewer: notacullenbutachem | 1/9/10

This song is filled with so much energy. If you listen to where the song actually starts the transition is so sudden and it just fits. I loved how this song rolls. The Black Parade will never compare to Three Cheers.

mcr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/09

the first 2 cd's are like the best, three cheers and bullets are 2 hell of awsome cd's, the black parade is awsome too but it doesn't compare to the two first cd's, im so glad they have another album coming out now in 2009, and gerard said that if u liked the first cd then u will deffinetly like the new one coming out, so it must mean that they will come back how they use 2 b, YAY!!

.... | Reviewer: Miss_Vampish | 8/6/08

this is a song for the true oldschool fans, people who heard demolition lovers before they heard welcome to the black parade....the first two albums were brilliant...they were raw emotion and a lot of anger...the black parade is a huge let down...i gave my bf the cd coz i never listen to it....hopefully they'll come back with their old style...i miss my chem.

Best song | Reviewer: Shannon | 7/21/08

This has to be one of their best, it's so full of raw emotion. Their third studio album was a real let down. I don't think the band has changed like many think, but, mearly, the passion and emotion they used to have is not there anymore. It's sad to see something like that happen, especailly to a band like them. However, I don't think their cause has changed.

Amazingness | Reviewer: Darian | 3/8/08

The first time I heard this song, I absolutely hated it. I have no idea why, I just didn't like it at all, so I didn't listen to it for a while. The next time I heard it, I was like "This is amazing, why don't I ever listen to it any?" lol. It was so weird. But now it's my absolute favorite song by them, though I love them all.

awesome song | Reviewer: xsnrgman | 8/22/07

So what happened to their sound? Why did it get all commercial? No faulting the singer for a lack of talent. Obviously he has it with that voice. Maybe the next album will go back to their harder edge sound I hope...that is if there is another one. This song is intense and should be checked out and listened to several times a week.

mcr | Reviewer: Dave | 8/18/07

yea this whold records mad good and the one before is even better, but there new one sucks ass, its not MCR. its so mainstream rock, nothing special, like their first two albums

definatly | Reviewer: Judi | 4/3/07

This defiantly a great song by MCR! At the begining and in parts in the rest of the song it feels like its a gothic western type of scene. Thats really cool.Its definatly one of the best songs,even if you dont like my chemicl romance