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Performed by My Chemical Romance

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goddamn amazing | Reviewer: mcrforever | 4/24/09

amazing song, amazing band. <3

people need to get over the whole 'emo mcr poser' thing. mychem is NOT emo and they are NOT posers.
they're five amazing guys who want to make a change through their music and inspire others. enough said.

goth?! | Reviewer: Colin Shapley | 1/22/09

to the dick head called 'the true mcr fan'


how are YOU goth if you love mcr?
goth's dont fucking listen to mcr. youre an absolute remmer and you deserve to die.

trying to sound like you know everything about emo and this band, when you call yourself a goth.



True fans? | Reviewer: Maya | 10/26/08

Okay. Great song.. ;D and no i am not one of those girls who are like ''omg! Gerard is so hawt''
Im not anyone to deny that... But anyway. I love this band (not just gerard,) the other guys deserve credit too, and people who call themselves emo are more than likely posers.. -_- so. My chem keep rocking! :)

god | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/31/08

Songs have deeper meanings, it's not about crossdressing, it's about a girl he knew obviously. The whole thing is about revenge against the one that broke his heart and in this song he's mainly making fun of her and stating her vanity.

Me again, kayothic.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/08

Hi, it's me again, one last statement..... Emo isn't cutting yourself, dressing in black, doing drugs, and trying to be cool It's an act of showing your emotions, strongly that at fact, and it's really just a different point of veiw, that from most peoples conformist point of view... doing something because your friends do it, doing something because you think it'll make you cool means nothing. Me? a nonconformist and proud of it. I do what I want, not threatened or scared by anything, I do what I think is right. I care about myself. More people should think like this as it would make the world a much better place. More people should definatley act upon what they think is right.... that's exactly what I think that My Chemical Romace is trying to advocate. Thanks for your time, and I'm typing this really fast, so if there is any spelling mistakes sorry, but I'm not just some 10 year old thinking that he's cool by typing shit. Thanks.

fuck you anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/08

Well, first of all he might be gay, and the band may stand up for gay rights, but what problem does homosexuality pose to you? a girl loving a man, a man loving a girl, they're the same as a man loving a man, or a woman loving a woman.... I feel there is no difference for the love we feel towards another... so what If he cross-dressed? he's just doing what he feels is right, which could be, for all you know, the right thing. Do some research before you start ranting on others work. and thank you "The True MCR Fan." for you statement, I beleive it to be true.

Get your facts and bullshit RIGHT. | Reviewer: The True MCR Fan. | 1/31/08

ok, all the people who say "OMG!!! i like love mvr!!!" are a bunch of posers. i dont no bout u all but every prep at my scool is trying to act "emo". no 1 at my school is truely emo. theyre all posers. they might be goth like me and they might cut but that doesnt make u "emo"

In reply to the loser that wrote that..
Its MCR, not MVR.
and who said anything about being emo?! Or "posing"? its not about how they dress, how they look or anything. its about the passion in the music that you obviously havent noticed.

And does it matter if someone is emo or not? You never know why they are like they are. Stop fucking judging people and get a life.

I love this song and mcr, theres no way Gerard, Mikey, or anyone in the band is emo.
Singing about death doesnt make you emo.. what about the lyrics "I am not afraid to keep on living" ? Do they sound emo?
My Chemical Romance has saved lives, just with their music.

I definately second everything "Loveatdusk" had said aswell =]

Anywayz, love the band, love the song, love the music!

To end all the conflict... | Reviewer: loveatdusk | 1/27/08

To the anonymous jerk who made that comment about the dress being a tux, or whatever:

1. Yes, it says dress. Get the fuck over it.

2. Yes, Gerard dressed in drag while in art school. He admitted to it, publicly in an interview. You can get over that too.

3. Gerard, and all of the guys in MCR, are for gay rights. So by saying that Gerard wearing a dress is an "insult to his sexuality," you're being an idiot. In the words of Frank Iero, "homophobia is gay."

So, you obviously know nothing about MCR, and are not a true fan. And quite frankly, I'm grateful for that, because I'd hate to be placed in the same category as someone like you.

This is an amazing song. All of their songs are amazing. I can't wait until their new album comes out. In 2009, I believe. <333

Amazing song! | Reviewer: n | 12/30/07

I love this song so much. Gerard puts so much emotion into it, and the insturments are great.
Oh, and Anonymous from 7/7/07, it is the correct lyrics. It is obviously dress, and does not sound like tux.

... | Reviewer: Alex | 12/26/07

Actually, Gerard admitted to cross-dressing once when he was in college. He road the subway and at school everyone thought he was a girl. So yeah, he could be referring to that when he says "The best damn dress I own" lmao

posers | Reviewer: venom | 11/9/07

ok, all the people who say "OMG!!! i like love mvr!!!" are a bunch of posers. i dont no bout u all but every prep at my scool is trying to act "emo". no 1 at my school is truely emo. theyre all posers. they might be goth like me and they might cut but that doesnt make u "emo"

WOW | Reviewer: missmurder | 9/21/07

first of all he says ''theres no way i'm kissin that guy'' but then its imposible that he said ''the best damn dress i own''??? and gerard can do whatever he wants and still be amazing and 2 this is one of the most amazing songs ive ever heard and your dumb.

<3 | Reviewer: Amy | 9/10/07

This is a beautiful song, an i especially loves the "We are young and we don't care,(Wo-oh!)
Your dreams and your hopeless hair.(Wu-oh!)
We never wanted it to be this way,
For all our lives.
Do you care at all?"

Part, I feel that he puts himself into this song alot.

One of their best songs.. after Helena, I never told you what i do for a living, our lady of sorrows, The end, heaven help us..

okey I could do this for ever, I just can`t place the songs.
exsept helena, helena will allways be my fav.


Good Good. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/4/07

Im a huge MCR fan.
The lyrics are exactly right.
[And yes it is, 'the best damn dress i own']

TUX NOT DRESS | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/07


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